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    Brass in Concerts 2011 Bands

    Is it just me or did Tredegar have the same amount of entertainement points as us? 1. Leyland (Richard Evans) 196/10 = 206* 2. Brass Band of Central Florida (Chad Shoopman) 195/11 = 206 3. Tredegar (Ian Porthouse) 198/6 = 204 4. Foden's (Michael Fowles) 193/9 = 202 5. Grimethorpe...
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    Breath of Souls - Paul Lovatt Cooper

    You obviously have no idea about how much work "away from bands" that PLC actually does then!
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    Lower Section Finals - New Venue

    Lochgelly would need a coach for London, unless they wanted to go and watch the lower sections....
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    Ones that got away....

    Jon Lord
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    Scottish Open '10- Open Adjudication!

    Can't believe the contest has been moved to the same weekend as BiC though!!
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    BBC Young Musician 2010

    English schols run Sept to Aug so if you were an August baby you are the youngest in the year, September will be the oldest so in the last year at school, people will be turning 18 when some have just turned 17 a few days before.
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    Wansbeck Music Festival 2010

    Yeah it is a shame it was cancelled, my pupils enjoy the solo and ensembles on the Saturday so were disappointed. The secretary said my entries were the only concrete ones they had received.
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    Wansbeck Music Festival 2010

    It was cancelled over a month ago due to lack of entries.
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    Sykes Returns Home

    The Reg Vardy Band are delighted to announce the return of star bass trombone player Gareth Sykes. Gareth, who left in 2007 after 6 very successful years, said "I am excited to be back in the band after an absence of three years. I have spent the last twelve months broadening my musical...
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    I'm on Twitter, lauradoll78. We also have a TheRegVardyBand twitter site that can be followed, there is a great diary from the area. Personally I think it's much better than facebook, a lot less intrusive and easy to update. Took a while to get used to using it but it's a doddle now I...
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    North East Areas 2010 - Photographer Search

    If it's the same guy who did ALL the photos his name is Steve Jack and is on here as "notebook". Drop him a pm.
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    Wii Fit Plus can go round the block in the "free jog" mode- as long as you keep the controller with you as I discovered earlier! Whoop! It doesn't need to be in range of the sensor in that mode.
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    Wii Fit Plus

    Does any Wii Fitters know if when you are doing "jogging" on the one when you can watch TV, can you in fact leave the house? I did a 20 min jog this morning in the lounge and kitchen but could I go round the block or would it break the communitcation with the Wii? Thanks in advance!!
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    English Nationals 2010

    Yeah, we're not there but no point in making a song and dance about it is there? Obviously there are other bands that deserve to be there above us so we can't really complain, can we? ;-)
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    DCBBA annual grading contest

    To be fair there WERE empty seats, and I'm sure it was better playing to a "concentrated" audience rather than 3 people in each row in the sports hall. Perhaps next year the air con could be switched on/ heating turned down- or perhaps I was just having a hot flush!!