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    Everyones favourite..... the contesting question!

    contest - yes or no ? Oh Come On. We must contest. Improve standard, something to work for, great day out, etc. etc., the list goes on. Perhaps we should think of test pieces as another piece of MUSIC and not as a test piece. Perform it for what it is, not just to win. And anyway...
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    Favorite Marches...whats yours?

    favourite marches I love the up-tempo marches. "Barnum & Bailey's Favourite" is an absolute corker. Grimethorpe have done a great recording of this one.
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    Favorite Marches...whats yours?

    favourite marches what about sousa. undisputed march king. Sempre Fideles, Stars and Stripes. Up the tempo and his marches are brilliant.
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    Favorite Marches...whats yours?

    favourite marches The Australasian. This was the first piece I ever played in a Championship band. What a culture shock that was. :lol:
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    New Band Music - What do YOU want?

    New Band Music Thanks to NottinghamFlorist for the great suggestion. :lol: Does it matter if its the usual white haired, octaganerian, church choir, should raise a laugh (as well as a few heart murmers) if nothing else. Or what about a new composition, "Blue Rinse Blues". Food for...
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    New Band Music - What do YOU want?

    new band music Does anyone know of any music for band and ladies choir? Please help Fanx.
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    National Finals Venue . . . .

    Nationals venue Surely, the hardest thing for bands to raise these days is money. So, wouldn't it be fairer to book an appropriate venue in each area and rotate clockwise around the country. All bands would then be able to budget and fund raise appropriately years in advance. :P
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    Box or no box......

    Box or no box, that is the question Answer. Two Judges. One Box. One in. One out. Collate and average results (as at Masters). Announce Placings. Job done, everyone happy. Or is that asking too much?