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    Date a hot Asian lady...

    I get the Nicorette and 'Asian Lady' adverts on here too. I've never smoked- and never intend to- and am happily married to a man with no 'interest' in ladies...and I have sole use of this computer. It also has the strongest of filters as I use it around my small children, so I'm pretty certain...
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    Don't be fooled

    And I wondered why I hadn't logged on for a while...
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    Top 20 Melodies on All Brass Radio Station for March, 2017

    Just one point really- English style Brass Band? Do you mean British- there's a big difference!
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    When you buy a Brass Band CD, what do you want on it?

    I'd just like to make the point that I prefer to buy CDs of more extended/serious works (e.g. Test Pieces) rather than 'light'/short pieces/arrangements/ditties, but if I'm listening to the radio, I prefer hearing shorter, more varied pieces. I'll put on a particular piece of music to suit my...
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    2017 Regional Test Piece Rumours

    Maybe it will crop up at the finals next year- I'll be really surprised if it doesn't appear at some point (I completely agree about the percussion, although as mentioned above, that is not always considered!!)
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    2017 Regional Test Piece Rumours

    I really do think that it will be Extreme Makeover- I've only ever played the wind band version (on flute) and it is a great piece. Land of the Long White Cloud would be good for 1st section- not sure about the other sections .
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    2017 Regional Test Piece Rumours

    I actually grew to love...well, like...well, tolerate 'Cambridge Variations' by the day of the contest so why not?!!
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    Website construction

    Bryony Snell at Dynamek is an excellent web designer/developer. and an experienced Brass Bander. She's a member on here (or used to be).
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    2015 National Finals Test Piece Rumours..

    In all seriousness, and back to the original question, does anyone have any 'informed' info about the choice of pieces yet (I know there's only a day to wait until they're officially announced)?
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    Sold/Expired Glasgow: tutorials in composition, trumpet/cornet and theory

    I don't live in Scotland so I have no-one to pass on your details to, but just wanted say congratulations on your achievements. Have you got any recordings? I'd love to have a listen to your work :-)
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    Sibelius First Question

    Seconded! Am confused too!
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    Women in Brass Bands

    It's taken 15 pages for me to say the word 'patronising', but there, I've said it now.
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    What is a "Progressive Brass Band" ? Not sure if that will work as a link (probably not) but I'm quite confused at to what the 'progressive band awards' are (were) for!
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    No Scottish bands at Nationals?

    I'm not very up on my politics, but this pretty much sums up what I think about the whole situation!
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    Good Hymn Tune Arrangements

    Fair enough, but as a Welsh person, this tune is never considered 'sacred' in Wales, and I don't believe the religious setting is widely known outside SA circles (I've certainly never come across them, as a non SA churchgoer). The words traditionally sung by male voice choirs are the original...