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    Soloist Prizes

    When an instrument is awarded as a prize it is normally written into the rules of the contest that although the award is presented to the soloist it is actually a prize for the band and remains property of the band. I know a couple of times when Marsden gave away a Cornet at their March Contest...
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    Brighouse March Contest 2011

    Does anyone know if timps are provided on Sunday or not?
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    Brighouse March Contest 2011

    Marsden will be there.
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    Durham Miner's Gala 2011 ....Who's Going?

    Marsden will be there again leading the New Herrington Banner.
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    Marsden March and Hymn Tune Contest

    Thanks Nuke for posting the results the only one missing is deportment which was won by Rainford. Thanks to all the bands competing last night and I hope you all had an enjoyable contest and thank you to the audience who helped make the event a huge success. Date for your diary is...
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    Marsden March and Hymn Tune Contest

    The bans competing in Saturdays contest in no particular order are Uppermill,Dobcross Silver, Rainford, Thoresby Colliery, Huddersfield Brass, Meltham and Meltham Mills, Blackley, Ellenbrook and Boothtown and Milnrow Band.
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    Marsden March and Hymn Tune Contest

    It's the last day for entries today it's not too late to enter your band, please contact me to discuss if you would like to compete. The draw will take place this evening and will be undertaken by members of Marsden Concert band. Kath
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    Marsden March and Hymn Tune Contest

    The draw is indeed at 8pm on Tuesday, I am still awaiting confirmation from a couple of bands I will confirm the bands on Tuesday. For any bands still wanting to enter entries are open until the draw takes place, this is a superb opportunity to run out your marches for whit Friday for further...
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    Marsden March and Hymn Tune Contest

    A quick reminder to get your entries in for the contest this is a fantastic opportunity to run out your contest march for Whit Friday, if you haven't already got a form but would like one please get In btouch Thanks Kath
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    Marsden March and Hymn Tune Contest

    Entry Forms Entry forms for the contest are in the post this week if you require one please let me know and I will get one sent either via e-mail or through the post. With Whit Friday being late this year the contest is an ideal run out for your contest march and it would be great to see lots...
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    Paddy's Yorkshire Area - 2011

    If you want tickets for tonights Championship section I would advise to get them asap. I went yesterday to get some and there were very few left and the ones that were left were restricted view tickets. If you leave it until tonight you may be disappointed! Kath
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    Marsden March and Hymn Tune Contest

    Date for your diaries. This years contest will be held on Saturday 11th June 2011 If you would like details of the contest please let me know and as soon as these are back from print I will get some in the post for you. Thank you Kath Marsden Silver Prize Band
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    Freezing slides and valves when carol playing

    I thought you would be a strict Whiskey man at this time of year Mr Bird with your upbringing!!
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    British Open Solo and Quartet Champtionships

    Well Done Mike Cavanagh in the intermediate section. We are all extremely proud of you at Marsden. Kath Coton Marsden Silver Prize Band
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    Who's going to Marsden??

    First band on at 6 pm