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    Christmas Finally Arrives In Wem

    Having taught the beginners along with John Roberts for the majority of 2005, it is very sad to have finally said goodbye to Wem. In order for all the children to be credited in the 'beginner' section: Bethany Hill received the award for the most improved learner of the year. Nimah Carroll...
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    contact lenses, stigmatisms, and reading music

    Unfortunately I have the same prescription and attempted contact lenses but due to the heavy weighing, any time I did blink (at a reduced rate to normal) they swirled around in my eyes causing blurring until the weights settled accordingly. Although it resembled the feeling of slight...
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    Terry Wogan Endorsement

    How can you possibly imagine that listening to radio 2 (millions of listeners/most popular breakfast show) constitutes an anorak when this is a BRASS BAND forum! Irony at it's best.
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    Who would you most like to have breakfast with?

    Breakfast = My lovely hubby, work patterns make it virtually impossible! Room 101 = Couldn't possibly comment, bound to offend!
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    BEWARE - Contains "Harry Potter" Spoilers!!!!!

    Firstly I must comment Dinnie - it was excellent and a most professional Moderator skill that you used in the first post - if it was spoilt for people it was their own fault. As for the rest of people well how exciting!!!!!! I'm very sad about Dumbledore but can't help attributing the...
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    Sacrificing TMP was worth it!!!!

    Thank you very much for all of the well wishes and congratulations - greatly appreciated. As for case studies on here - I've had quite a few members sussed for a long time
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    Sacrificing TMP was worth it!!!!

    As some of you long standing members may recall many moons ago I used to be an active member of tmp but made the decision to prioritize and sacrifice my constant browsing for the success of my education. So despite: holding down two part-time jobs (learning support in a prison and at a...
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    Congratulations Vickitorious - Oh Bouncy One!

    I'm really confused! So not only did you get into the final last time, you've been asked into stage two this time aswell? I can certianly commend your playing ability. You were the most capable solo horn player that I have ever had the prividige of sitting next to. Congratulations and lots of...
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    Grumpy women of any age...

    1) People who bear grudges. Life is too short and cutting off your nose to spite your face doesn't generate success for everyone in the long run. 2) Band politics. They spoil enjoyment and at the end of the day, they're run like the politics of the country in so much as there are key...
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    Thankyou for having us!!

    Well if this is an unfinished duplicate - apologies, the wonder of technology places a little strain whilst revising for finals! It was a pleasure to have your playing ability amongst the Horns and you're most welcome any time, especially if your request for Zulu is adhered to every time. Us...
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    problem players

    I think you'll find that most decent people are governed by something called a conscience so it is fair to place a certain amount of trust in individuals to take responsibility for their own attendance and if they believe in the team work ethic, they will work for the good of the whole band - be...
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    problem players

    Well I'd regard myself as a 'committed member' and personally I don't get annoyed with people who don't attend too many rehearsals. People can govern their own levels of committment and what may be acceptable for one may be different for another. That's the spice of life but providing everyone...
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    problem players

    Wow - this has been an extremely interesting debate to read. Personally I think Sparkling_Quavers has it sussed. It our house in January it became apparent that my husband wasn't going to be able to committ to rehearsals and if he did, it would compromise my attendance (childcare issues) so he...
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    The person before...

    At a quick glance looks very much like Richard Branson.
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    What's the best accent?

    I find a Geordie accent an extremely admirable feature of the male species (it's not so nice coming from a female). The one I detest the most has to be scouse - it has a terrible reputation and I find it difficult to take anyone seriously when they have a scouse accent (it is worth noting...