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    CHiNeSe FooD... YuM YuM YuM

    Thats funny. Could just eat a chinese. Sure I saw nemo in there somewhere.
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    Criminal Record Checks

    I had to go through CRB clearing to teach the youth band. It was easy enough I just phoned them up gave them a few details they sent the form out and I got it signed and had to have someone checked various forms of ID. It was all sorted in 2weeks.
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    Student Loans...or lack of!

    well i got my loan end of september, even though that was late. But it was said that there was a problem with all first year loans, and that they would be giving a reimbersing all those who it affected. At the uni I go to loads of us had to go into our overdraft because our tuition fees had to...
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    What gender is your computer?

    I would say mines male because it always takes forever to do what I want it to, and then it goes wrong. Plus it can't handle multi-tasking. However my laptop is female, it hasnt let me down, faster than the other computer and much prettier.
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    Last Chance to wish DP well

    sorry its a bit late, but good luck Dave and hope you are back on here soon.
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    Tune Association Thread 3

    Rockin' around the christmas tree
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    Halloween at Pontins

    Are we going to decide on a theme of dress to wear on the saturday or is it each to their own for whatever they decide to wear?
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    What Night(s) does your band rehearse?

    Friday's 7.30-9.30
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    tMP Grand Annual Dinner and Dance Mega Blowout type thing...

    I think thats the best idea because people won't have as many commitments plus it will be warmer so the ladies can wear nice dresses without being freezing. And it also gives a good 6months for it to be organised and for everyone to give a definate answer of yes or no well in advance so you can...
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    How much do YOU drink

    I drink far too much it occured to me this weekend when I was at work and got asked if i was going out, to which I replied that i wasn't, I was thinking of having a night in, an my friend looked astonished and asked what was wrong. So I thought sod it might as well keep up my reputation and went...
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    tMP Grand Annual Dinner and Dance Mega Blowout type thing...

    I think postponing it is a good idea as it gives more time for the event to be organised and planned well in advance which will enable the maximum number of people to attend. By the way hi everyone, it has been a while.
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    Olympics. How much are we watching?

    It's great. I've been watching everything, boxing, gymnastics, cycling, athletics,'s all good, and we aren't doing too bad either.
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    Keeping Kitties Amused..?

    You could leave your frozen joint of lamb for sunday tea to defrost on worktop an a cat somehow mysteriously get in during the night an eat it!-We don't even own a cat!
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    As & A2 results!

    I will let you know on thursday!
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    Spiderman 2

    I thought it was real good, the ending left it open for a spiderman 3 to be produced which may be slightly predictable but then they might surprise us. Can't wait just like I can't wait for Shrek 3 and 4!