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    Nigel Wight

    Heard the news this morning, very sad news. When I first joined Newtongrange in 1991 Nigel was one of the many band members who opened their doors to me and let me stay over when we were out socialising/contesting and helped make my time at Nitten band as one of the great times in my life...
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    Having the same adjudicator each year.

    Name better ones, it's easy to say get someone else, so go on name names who you like in place of David Read? JK57
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    Having the same adjudicator each year.

    He's one of the best adjudicators around, who would you rather have? JK57
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    The 'Official' tMP Scottish Regional Thread

    Neil - It's good to see that years of sitting in my presence is beginning to rub off on your playing and that you've started to come out of your shell since I left the band. John. K.
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    The 'Official' tMP Scottish Regional Thread

    Brilliant result for Nitten, really deserved for a great bunch of people who took what happened 2 years ago on the chin and bounced back last year (with help from yours truly) and onwards to this great result (without yours truly) and never let any of the crap written about their supposed...
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    The worst comment made in an adjudication

    One adjudicator in his post contest remarks at an area contest stated that he had not chosen the best 2 bands on the day but instead chose the 2 bands he thought best equipped to do a job at the Nationals. JK57
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    Good Luck Scottish Coop and Whitburn

    Hi After all the furore about percussion I'd just like to wish the Co and Whitburn all the best at the Nationals. I can also safely say that Jim is nobody from Nitten as we were all in the early stages of a drunken blackout by the time the Championship section started. JK57
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    Scottish Area - 1st section

    I agree with Alistair, relegation has worked for Newtongrange as there has been a few personnel changes which have benefited the band and the band is a lot more focussed. Personally I think the appeals process should be used in exceptional circumstances and I believe Granite City have good...
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    Scottish Area - 1st section

    I think it's really unfair that a Band who came 7th goes down and yet a Band who didn't compete stay's up. Surely there should be rule going forward that any Band that does not compete is automatically relegated. JK57
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    Greatest soloist within a testpiece contest

    Nick Hudson at the European in Cardiff in 1992 playing Year of The Dragon, lucky enough to have played at that contest with Newtongrange (or Scottish Brewers as they were known as then). Got the CD of the contest so I'm just away to listen to it again. JK57
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    Scottish Area - 1st section

    Davie I think you have misread the invite, it said Leg Ends from the past John Keenan Baritone Nitten
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    Scottish Area - 1st section

    Other awards picked up yesterday as well as the 1st section where Drunkest Male Player - Neil Philip (no concrete evidence but I just know it will be him) Drunkest Female Player - Gillian Spence Lightweight Drinker of the day - Me (even the 14 yr old drummer drank more) Fasting...
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    Scottish Area - 1st section

    Ali Hangover, you were only drinking Cinzano ya lightweight, yesterday was a brilliant day but today's not so brilliant and I want to go back to bed. John
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    Scottish Area - Championship Section

    Congratulations to Scottish Co-op JK
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    Whose done music at Salford

    Hi Rob Your right it was Mark Vause, I can remember he played cornet, was there another cornet player called Philip. When I stated I hated Salford I meant the city itself and not the college which was top notch in terms of the course although I remember at that time we where basically shunted...