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    One for all the 'bonists

    If you're a trombonist with half an hour to spare - listen to this. BBC Bigband with an arangement of Guys and Dolls for 7 Solo Trombones!
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    Small ensemble in South Wales?

    Hi, I've not been on here for a while and I'm not playing regularly at the moment. I'm not able to commit to a band due to work commitments but I need to do more playing. Are there any informal small ensembles looking for a Trom/Euph/Tuba in the South Wales area? Or anyone interested in forming...
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    Flickr I've been on there for a while. Getting quite into it now
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    Regional Dates

    What's the dates for the areas this year? Specifically interested in Wales & Midlands but I would like the dates for other areas.
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    Tromphonium for Pontins anyone?

    Possibly a bit late but I'll post it anyway. Anyone in need of a Trombone (Bass or Tenor) Euph / Bari or Eb Bass for Pontins? Bass Trom is my normal instrument but If you can provide an instrument, I'm happy to sit just about anywhere Baritone down. Registered with Abergavenny so under...
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    West Wales Contest-Ammanford 4th October

    All he really needed to do was buy a programme! When they got behind updating the programme / draw numbers on stage, the announcer was helpfully giving out both for a while. "Band number x will now play xxxxxx, this is band number y in your programme":eek:
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    Pontins 2008

    Is there no tMP band concert this year?
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    Speed cameras - making roads safer???

    No it hasn't. It's made you think about your speed for those 50 yards. Cameras do absolutely nothing about the standard of driving. It is possible to be lethal at 28mph (or less). What about the girl I saw the other day. She almost wiped out a child on a push bike because she was too busy...
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    Cystic Fibrosis Fund Raiser

    Now that the Justgiving web page has closed and the last of the cash has been collected in, I'd like to say a big thankyou to all those who sponsored my skydive. The final total was just a shade over £2000 which is pretty good considering I started off aiming for £500. Thanks again
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    Bad Joke Thread....

    Working away in his fields one day, a farmer on a remote welsh hillside spots a dead sheep lying in the corner of the field. As he gets closer, he realises that it's lying in the spring which feeds the stream running through his land. Looking around he sees a walker, kneeling beside the stream...
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    Your chance to develop the future of tMP

    Just double checked, Abergavenny are currently only ranked 139 in the 4BR rankings so my opinion may not be worth anything. Please ignore may last post;)
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    Your chance to develop the future of tMP

    In an attempt to try to merge this thread with its original topic ... I have to say that, although I disagree with about 99.9% of what JonP posts on the forum, he is (usually) at least attempting to discuss something relevant to Brass Music. I would much rather read, and occasionally join in...
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    Best Bass Trombone Player!!!!

    Err, why is that rude? Opinions were asked for, opinions were given. It's a subjective question which has no "right" or "wrong" answer. Basstrombone boy has every case for that opinion. As much as for any other opinionated answer given to any question posed on the forum!
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    Your chance to develop the future of tMP

    No. But common sense and general good manners would dictate that if and when you offend or upset someone you take that on board and try to resolve the issue in an adult fashion. A concept that some of our resident trolls may be unfamiliar with. If a band or person contacts the site owner...
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    Six Nations 2008

    ..... Unless you happen to be Scottish of course! But yeah, I suppose you're right. I only caught the last few minutes of both of yesterdays games but I didn't see much impressive rugby, however happy I was with at least one of the results.