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    New tMP Owner

    Hey tMP, I'm excited to introduce you to Paul, the new owner of tMP. Over the past year, my family (two kids under two years), plus a job transition has meant that I wasn't able to put as much time as I'd wanted into developing tMP. At the same time, a friend of mine, Paul, has been...
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    Just finished major PHP (code) upgrade

    Sorry for the short bit of downtime earlier today, I just upgraded the server to PHP 7. This is a fairly major upgrade, so please let me know if you see anything amiss. There may be an occasional hiccup or two as I tune the cache settings over the next few days.
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    More emoticons: Yay or nay?

    On another forum that I run, some of the users requested more emoticons than just the Xenforo defaults... If you guys want them here as well, let me know. For example, I could add any of these: Search Results for Query: emoji by user 'Sheldon' | XenForo Community
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    Reorganized the forums a bit

    Hmm... let me think on it. I will say I'm not a huge fan personally of it because spammers often use it to register since it bypasses all the normal spam traps. Plus the way they've coded the plugin requires opening up a PHP security setting that I'd prefer not to open... or at least it did on...
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    Suggestions for favicon icon?

    We're missing a favicon--the little icon that sits in the tabs of your browser. Any suggestions for what would make a good icon? Ideally it's somewhat square dimensions (so a trombone is out), and recognizable even as small as 16x16 pixels.
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    Maintaining your tMP UserCP email address....

    I will be fixing the email setup later today. If you can login okay but not receiving email notifications, please PM me.
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    New anti-spam measures

    We've had some issues with spam lately, with the majority originating from a small handful of countries. Conveniently, as far as I can tell we have zero legitimate users from those countries. So for now I've blocked registrations from the following countries: reject|BD reject|CM reject|CN...
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    Reorganized the forums a bit

    The forum home page was feeling a bit cluttered, so I reorganized it a bit. Some of the less-used forums I moved into the Archives Area, and some I merged into existing boards. For example, I merged the 'tMP How-To & Feedback' with 'tMP Announcements' as they don't get used enough to merit...
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    Internet trolls

    I think this thread has run its course and doesn't need to be dredged up anymore, so I'm locking it. Site is under new management, but our policy hasn't changed--if it seems someone is consistently trolling, we'll discuss as a staff and then take action. I'm all for intelligent discussion and...
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    Migrating the forum software to Xenforo

    The default Xenforo theme doesn't have this, but a couple of the custom ones I've considered installing here do have a floating top/bottom button. There's a number of leftover issues from the VB-->XF migration that I need to deal with before I spend any time customizing the theme. I agree with...
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    Yeah, sorry about that. I worked from 9am Tuesday (San Francisco time) til 4am Wednesday to get things migrated in a somewhat-proper fashion (still lots of little fixes left), which unfortunately meant that anything posted in that time frame was lost.
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    Migrating the forum software to Xenforo

    I put up a quick logo--it's not great, but it's better than the default Xenforo logo and will suffice until I have time to fix it. Gotcha--that makes a lot more sense! After comparing the old vs new server, I think the posts in there that are missing are just ones that were made while I was in...
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    My first post vanished

    The migration process started with a database export, and any activity on that old site from that point forward wasn't transferred over. As soon as Phil did the export, I put up a notice on the old site warning that any new posts would be lost... I could have turned off the old server, but...
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    Migrating the forum software to Xenforo

    Spent the day with family visiting from out of town, and headed to bed (late here stateside) so will continuing working on the site tomorrow. I put up a warning notice on the old site when I started the migration that I'd done the data export and any posts from that point forward would be...
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    Migrating the forum software to Xenforo

    The initial migration has been completed. There's still a lot of work left, but the site is at least usable. Right now the site is running the default Xenforo skin, but I'll probably upgrade it to something a bit more custom in the next few weeks. Let me know if you hit issues or questions...