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    Hammonds Saltaire

    It is unfortunate for them but they arent the same band they were, but if they did go down i'm sure they would bounce straight back up. You never know what might happen at the area, remember 2007!
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    English nationals 2009

    not that they arent a good band, and they will probably do well like funnythingthat says, but I think maybe some stronger bands below them
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    English nationals 2009

    I totally agree, how are Yorkshire Imps ranked 30th anyway? why do they invite bands to the contest based on the rankings (which in themselves are based on opinion)?
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    Spring Festival 2009 pieces announced...

    Yes all good points. My argument was that in previous years the senior cup has had, in my opinion, more difficult test pieces. Under contest conditions any player can make mistakes on any test piece. I would have prefered a piece that tests the technical ability of all players in the band, I...
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    Spring Festival 2009 pieces announced...

    Well compared to Harmony music the other year
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    Spring Festival 2009 pieces announced...

    The pieces are good, Spectrum seems to be on the same level as previous picks for the trophy. I don't think Pageantry is difficult enough for cup
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    Pontins 2008

    Well done all the bands competing in championship section, the piece was full of opportunities to mess up, but all the bands coped very well. It was a bit of a rush to get on stage but I thought we played well, bit of a pitty having to play after the eventual winners! Who might I add sounded...
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    Spring Festival 2008

    Very interesting...
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    Spring Festival 2008

    Well done Hatfield! Lots of preparation payed off with a cracking performance. The bands come so far since our problems at the area and lets hope we can keep improving! Nice one. 50p!
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    Pontins 2007 - Music/Performance/Results etc.

    Well, arent we lucky that is isn't you who picks the winner, well played Marsden too
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    Official tMP Yorkshire Regional 2007 thread

    Well done to Hatfield, what a result to us, we played amazing, and well done 'best instrumentalist' Miles you have brought so much to the band. whoooooooooooooooo!!
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    Prepare to be driven insane!

    yay its 'me' as in me number 413
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    Prepare to be driven insane!

    okays this one is worse
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    charity wristbands... are they really that charitable???

    ahhh u people know too much!!!