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    Leyland Band

    euphonium position Hi I Am Enquiring About The Euphonium Position That You Have Advertised For, I Have Previously Played Principal Euphonium At Rothwell Temperance Band And Have Had A Little Bit Of Time Of Playing And Am Eager To Start Again And Would Like To Be Considered For The Position...
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    The Best Soprano Cornet Player

    i think the two best sop players around within a band performance are definiately paul argyle (fester) or pete roberts but at yourkshire area fester was by far the better man!
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    players require band

    Flugel, tenor horn and baritone players are looking for a 2nd/1st section band in the Lancashire area. I look forward to reading your replies thankyou [/i]
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    Radio2 Young Brass Solo Competition

    On a name bassis i would have to say andy king but at nybgb tom osborne beat andy in th solo finals so i dont know good luck to all of you!may the best player win lol
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    i am sorry then for my comment then i always thaught that top bands like Faireys recruited from word of mouth and who knows who bassis. i think that it is very good on faireys new policy and what andy wrote is very true i just thaught that it was very unusual. but even though i am male i still...
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    i dont have a clue who could be appointed nut i have noticed faireys advertising for a few players and im wondering if its time they allowed girls to join there band and show other bands that aree all male that it is time to get out of the dark ages and its probably the best and only way they...
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    Brillante- Peter Graham

    I feel that it is best to slur two tongue two and it sounds much better and cleaner in my opinion!
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    Who's going to win the Scottish Open?

    Personally i think that because fodens have withdrawn the clear favourites have to be Tradegar and i think they'll walk it!no problems at all best band there!no doubt at all!
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    All England Masters 2004

    I have to vote for the Downland suite hands down cause i think that it is a great piece of music and i prefer it more than the other five!but i love the secound movement. my vote has to go to the Downland Suite!
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    Who do you think is the greatest brass band composer?

    I think that it is hard to determine a individual greatest brass band composer because they are all good in diffrent ways and because there are so many!e.g Philip Sparke, Peter Graham, George LLoyd,Eric Ball,Herbert Howells, Percy Fletcher,etc but i think my overall favourite would have to be...
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    sorry straight mute you are right of course!i was half asleep wen i wrote it!sorry
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    Congratulations to Kerwintootle!

    hey congrats to you to vicky!i agree why dont get the money its us who had 2 play no-one else so we should get it!and a big well done 2 alex herd u and you where great!!
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    these are my choices let me know wat u think! Championship section = Pagentry P Fletcher (my favourite Piece) First Section = A London Overture P Sparke Secound section = Rhapsody for Brass D Goffin(this is to hard for Secound section i wrekon but suppose bands need to be tested even this...
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    Who is your favourite Euphonium Player(s)?

    I think that the greatest euphonium player of all time has to be Lyndon Bagelyn with out any doubt at all!Heard his live performance on Le Roy Dy's and carnival romain absoloutely amazin! but i think who the best current player is tough and i think that it is close between three players...
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    euphonium players

    Who do you think that the best current euphonium player is at the moment? I think that it is currently between three players! these are in no particular order! David Thornton Black Dyke Morgan Griffiths Faireys Glyn Williams Fodens This is just my opinion let me know wat u think!