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    Missing European Championships Recordings

    There is a 1989 recording of Trittico on the "25 Years of the European Brass Band Championships" triple CD but it's by Eikanger, and the notes say that the recording comes from "the CD of Eikanger's winning performances", which seems to clash with your idea that Cory won it that year. Apart...
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    Old press cutting

    Hmm. I remember a magazine called NOW! in the UK but that wasn't published until the 1980s, and in any case, this is clearly a newspaper. The fact that it does not bear a date, only a month suggests a monthly publication, which would be unusual for a national newspaper (due to the short shelf...
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    New CD from A4 Brass Quartet

    The A4 Brass Quartet have a new CD coming out in August. It's called Mosaic and looks like a great programme of music. Available for pre-order from I reckon it's the first new brass band CD I'll have bought for more than a year!
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    George Doughty

    Well, here's what I found on the German version of Wikipedia, after I had clicked the 'translate' button: George Doughty (b. 16 December 1918 in Dale Abbey, Derbyshire) is an English composer and tubist (I think that means a tuba player, not the member of some bizarre art movement). Already as...
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    Who is John Howarth?

    Who is John Howarth? I ask because I've just acquired a second hand copy of the 2018 CD, Black Dyke Gold Volume 7 and on it is a (brilliant) big band arrangement of Jerome Kern's Ol' Man River by said Mr Howarth. The thing is, it's strikingly similar to another arrangement of the same piece by...
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    Is it me or does no one post here anymore?

    Hold on, I spoke too soon - I have just noticed that several of the CDs on the HSSB website are being released today, and I've already got some of them! How disappointing.
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    Is it me or does no one post here anymore?

    You're right about the difficulty of locating releases by bands who make their own distribution arrangements. HOWEVER - I'm so glad you responded, because your comment prompted me to check the website of the Hannaford Street Silver Band (in Canada, of course!), from where I have had to order...
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    Is it me or does no one post here anymore?

    Even before the COVID-19 crisis struck UK banding seemed to have arrived at a moribund state. The letters page of 4 Bars Rest used to be the most lively forum for (reasonably) intelligent comment and debate but the last letter was published more than five years ago. Similarly, the last 4BR...
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    Are bagpipes musical instruments or weapons?

    Reminds me of the old Tommy Cooper joke: my neighbour knocked on my door yesterday at 2 o'clock in the morning. Can you believe it - 2 o'clock in the morning?! Fortunately I was still up, practising my bagpipes. I once asked a bagpipe player if he could play Over the Hills and Far Away, and...
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    Lockdown Laughs - the Scrawl of the Wild

    The Times Diary has been inviting entries for new verse for the coronavirus age. Today's effort from a Mr Bray is a good one: (to the tune of Arthur Sullivan's 'Modern Major General'): I am the very model of a modest isolationist I keep away from pretty girls and others who I've always kissed...
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    Derek B Scott

    The only works for brass band by Max and Richard Steinitz I know of are The Peatcutters and Tableaux of Heraldic Animals respectively. Are there more?
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    Derek B Scott

    Thanks for this link to his music -on first listening I admit it does sound interesting (although it's a pity that, as far as I can see, the performers aren't named. Leeds University music students, perhaps?) But it's still a big and curious step for someone who, with great respect, is...
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    Derek B Scott

    Yes, me too, particularly for things like the European Championships and the RNCM Brass Band Festival - although, in another indication of how things are going, for the first time for many years, the BBC were not present to record any of this year's music from the RNCM.
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    Derek B Scott

    Proper CDs, of course! I want stuff I can actually own, things that look good on my shelves, tangible evidence of 40+ years of collecting, not invisible stuff on a hard drive somewhere. But even if I was downloading, it doesn't get away from the fact that there has been very little activity in...