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    Carnegie Contest - Who's Going

    Holmesy plays Flug for Grimethorpe now, he left Dyke in October coz he couldnt handle the pressure of a real instrument ha ha. He is however still on their website as it has yet to be updated, justs like Grimey's. cheers
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    Bands in the national press again!

    Good luck Northallerton. Spoke to Jackie (conductor) as she depped for my local band at the areas sounded likethe usual nonsense, people taking the huff about 'having their implied resignation accepted' When they were replaced they decided their human rights were infringed...SAD! When you go...
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    Official "Whit Friday" Thread....including results!

    Some Delph results r on 4bars rest Fodens Hepworth Dyke Marsden YBS is what they have so far.
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    The 'Official' tMP North of England Regional Thread

    Thanks alot guys. I only got to hear RV off number one but apparently it was pretty close for the rest of the bands. Commiserations to Fishburn and EYMS who apparently played well but a massive COME ON!!!! To 'BHK (UK) Ltd Band' and 'CLS Riverside' who will grace the Albert Hall for the first...
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    Who would you most like to conduct your band?

    I couldn't agree more. I had the privilege of depping for his band mid week at a prestigeous concert near Durham and he really knows how to motivate his band. His stick technique is precise and his flair with the music and audience is evident aided of course by the occasional 'footstamp' for...
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    Euph Solo - A Little Prayer

    Ever Ready (Reg Vardy) have a manuscript copy from when Bob Childs was conducting them I think so you could see if you can...borrow details on their website. Failing that send Bob an email, I'm sure his proffessional card will be available quite readily. Happy hunting.
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    Wansbeck Results

    Hard to seperate??? I thought Horden won by 4 points!!! It must have sounded different from the bar eh?
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    Wansbeck Results

    Well said!
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    Pukeage at Spennymoor

    Afraid we have another victim here. 4am yesterday morn it started, however, i've managed to keep a cuppa down for the last two hours so i'm horeful! All the best to all those with this lovely pukey disease. I blame the swimming baths being too close to the kitchens. Can't be the beer, I didnt...
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    BUTLINS 2005: List of Bands Attending

    Bands going to Butlins C - Aveley and Newham C - BHK (UK) Ltd Horden Band C - Carlton Main Frickley C - Fishburn C - Ransome C - Redbridge C - Travelsphere C - BT Band ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 - Barnsley Building Society 1 - Old Silkstone 1 - Gresley Old...
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    November Caption Competition

    You'd better get your foot down if your going to make the sales on time!
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    Beta-blocker posts [split & moved from original]

    So on the menu for Pontins contest morning is.... Wake up with standard hangover from excesses of night before.. Cup of improves memory and will help you remember where you are.. Hmmm you're tired...reach for the Pro Plus Full Breakfast (if your lucky) apparently aids...
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    Pontins prediction

    I think its going to be a close one with Hepworth, Ransomes and B.T, Dobx, Skelmanthorpe as my potential top 5. On this piece for a place i'd have to add Lindley and of course BHK to feature somewhere.
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    Too Big For Their Boots?

    As far as Savage and Bellamy are concerned they have made a career out of whinging so I'm not surprised at theur comments, just amazed that their managers dont give them more of a slap and tell them to shut up and play football. Re Beckham... I said at the time that he'd done it deliberately...
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    What would you do with £916.03???

    Well, its Pontins in a few weeks... you know where the bar is!