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    2005 Regional Tests

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    Percussion solos

    What is your favourite percussion solo? it can be for an individual percussionist or for the whole section to play as an ensemble or even a duet Mine has to be helter skelter
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    Torquay - Whos's going to be there?

    i will be there ready and raring to go and play coventry variations!! i am looking forward to banging all my percussion parts out for mister adjudicator to listen too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Percussionists and warm ups

    what warm ups do you percussionists do before concerts and contests?
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    Coventry Variations

    any percussionists playing coventry variations got any suggestions/opinions on positioning of equipment cus theres a hell of a lot of running about to do also any tips on how to play and build the stamina for the xylophone parts in variations vi and ix cheers
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    Coventry Variations

    hi everyone anybody played or looked at their parts for this yet if so, what are your opinions of the piece
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    The Lord Of The Rings

    frodo is better than harry and his bloomin broomstick!!!! I think i can find a good use for that brroomstick!!! stick it up harry's #####
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    Coventry Variations

    Are their any errors on the percussion parts?
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    Area test pieces

    Excellent cheers mate It is about time us percussionists got our moment to shine no more hiding the band room shadows!!!
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    Area test pieces

    does anyone know of any potential slip up points in coventry variations for the percussion section?
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    Area test pieces

    Anyone started rehearsing their area test piece yet? We have nt yet but have been told that we are starting it after xmas schedule (we are playing Coventry Variations)
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    John Adams - The greatest composer ever!

    I think Eric Ball is the best ever composer three of my favourite works by him are; 1) Journey Into Freedom 2) Kensington Concerto 3) Resurgam
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    Roger Taylor living legend one of THE greatest drummers on this planet Ringo Starr has nothing on Rog
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    Just wonddering who or what got people into music and banding? My musical idols are; Buddy Rich, John Bonham, Evelyn Glennie
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    Weekly rehearsals, how long

    our rehearsals are: Thurs nights 8-10 and Sun mornings 10.30-12.30 The sun morning rehearsal time is :twisted: