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    Re: James Fountain - Grimethorpe

    The efforts of 'bannisa' are to be admired, apparently Grimethorpe have never sacked anyone and they all live in a world milk and honey! Why can't we have some honesty on these pages even if it's just 'mind your own business. it's nowt' to do with you!' September is a long time off so I must...
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    principle cornet and solo trom needed for whitfriday contest

    Is that a cornet player with principles or you actually looking for a 'Principal' cornet? Maybe if both apply you can get the one with principles to sit on 'tutti' cornet...
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    Rise and Fall of Brass Bands

    Charmed does make some interesting remarks and it is always good to consider these issues, they affect peoples lives after all! I would like to ask though, if this is not the first time that a player deemed 'not up to the part' has been asked to make way, then can we presume that Charmed...
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    Where have all the Bb bass players gone?

    On the subject of where have they all gone... There was not many years ago some young players who did make an art of BBb playing but where are they now and what is it about bands that we don't keep them? 3 names for you, Michael Johnson, Dave Nesbitt and John Grimshaw... Thoughts?
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    Grimethorpe Sop

    Speak up or shut up... What 'problems' are you thinking of? Vague comments that add nothing to the debate just go to show what a slimey little business bands have turned into...
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    Grimethorpe Sop

    Any news on who'll be on Sop for Grimey at the Area?
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    Nationals 2011 - Cheltenham

    Pre Results Entertainment Great show from Alliance Brass. What a line up. Hope we hear more from them, great fun!
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    Paddy's Yorkshire Area - 2011

    1st Section Run away I listended to most bands on the Sunday in all sections and I think the adjudicators did a good job. What surprises me is the coverage on 4barsrest re the 1st section. I, along with most people I chatted to in the hall had the same 3 bands in the frame. I am pleased to...
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    New Bass Trom at BBC Symphony

    Thanks to the mods Thanks for sorting this out, it's a pity when a genuine good news story gets hijacked! Rob has done his bit in banding and we don't want to scare these players off from the world of banding.
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    New Bass Trom at BBC Symphony

    BBC Symphony Orchestra appoint Rob O'Neil as Bass Trombone. Good to see one of the most popular young players in the business land one of the top jobs. Well done Rob. :clap:
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    Sheona White makes national news headlines

    Spin Doctor...NOT What a load of baloney! Next we'll be hearing that Terry Webster was only ever appointed on a short term (14 yr) contract. Before trying to re write history the band should really look at everything they put out at the time. No mentions of 'just here for a couple of...
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    Pontin 2010 Results?

    To libel or not I think that the laws on libel in this country don't affect someones right to an opinion. There is nothing wrong in 'expressing ones opinion' that the results at one or other brass band contest do not meet with your own thoughts. It would of course be libelous to infer that the...
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    Pontin 2010 Results?

    Kevin Wadsworth Is anybody spotting a trend here? Another set of results from Mr Wadsworth that leaves most of those in the hall perplexed...
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    Paddy's Scottish Open - 2010

    Stranger things have happened... Does anyone have the story on the Whitburn/IMPS change?