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    National Championships Qualifiers - Third Section

    Good luck to St Sebs today my new local band
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    National Championships Qualifiers - Fourth Section

    Well done to Danny and the folks at Wantage B - superb result!
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    Margaret Thatcher

    Clearly differing views - thats fair enough....however So what if this taxation was different to anything else? What has the size / value of your house got to do with any services you may or may not use? Funnily enough one person living in a mansion doesn't use as many services as 8 living...
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    Margaret Thatcher

    The Community Charge to give it its correct name, still the fairest way of raising local taxation , ie everyone pays their share. If collection is difficult that is the fault of those that won't pay their share. Simple as that.
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    Recent concert programmes

    Marlow Band Spinfield School Choir Christmas concert 2008 Christmas Praise I Sing of A Night in Bethlehem -Tenor Horn Soloist - Janice Davison For Unto Us Frosty the Snowman - Eb Bass Soloist - Nick Collier Pirates of the Caribbean The Shining Star A French Christmas Santa Baby -...
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    Most Annoying Pet Hates In Banding.

    Always causes a spot of difficulty for conductors this situation and players sorting something out within the music before being ready to continue, often get comments back ''but we were talking about the music.......'' Anyone offer a solution?
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    Most Annoying Pet Hates In Banding.

    Disorganisation with music and engagements Is it that hard to put your music back in the pad in the right order, so next week you don't just say I haven't got it! Engagements where the band organisors haven't a clue what is supposed to be happening!
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    BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2009

    How nice to see all three prize winners of the main trophy behaving in such a sporting manner. Those three in any order would have been a just result. And not a cheating obnoxious footballer in sight
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    What's your favourite Christman Carol?

    5 in Red book
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    Band Subs

    I agree with this, we don't pay subs at all , yes we are lucky to have our own band room, yes we are in affluent area, but our view is the players already give their time and effort by doing the engagements and to pay extra for that is uneccesary. Quality concerts get enough cash in each year...
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    Excuses for bad playing

    whilst helping out as conductor at a local band- I gave up when the line '' well its going wrong cos youre not conducting it how I usually play it'' eh?
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    How many christmas gigs are you doing this year??

    5 in total for us 2 x major indoor concerts 3 x outside events Thats plenty thanks
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    The effect of the recession on brass bands

    I agree, although it hasn't affected me personally, the band scene has never been busier and we enjoyed a bumper charity collection last saturday....bookings are up next year as well. Band members don't pay subscriptions so no effect there
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    What are you listening to at the moment.........

    Radio 2 - Dale Winton - Pick of the Pops from November 1982 - classic stuff
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    Frank Baernarts Variations

    Both sides of the argument here are probably valid, I guess it depends on the ability of your players and the want of your audiences. As long as players and audiences alike are happy with the % of FB arrangements problem... We have some quality marches and arrangements this...