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    Walsall brass band

    It's great fun - come along :D
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    Help with flugel mouthpiece comparisons.

    With thanks to Trevada and your help, I got an 11F4 for now and will get a 13F4 soon.
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    Help with flugel mouthpiece comparisons.

    Can anyone tell me the comparisons between the JP604 flugel mouthpiece and the various yamaha models please? I want to choose one that has a smaller rim than the JP604 but still has a deep cup. I've always prefered Yamaha mouthpieces over Denis Wick but i've not got the chance to try any - what...
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    tMP, me and the future of the site :)

    Thanks for everything John - you've done a brilliant job especially helping us to make more friends in the banding world. Got some great memories especially when we froze to death (almost!) playing for Children In Need all those years ago now. Welcome Jeff!
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    Sold/Expired FOR SALE: Yamaha maestro and Besson Sovereign cornet

    Both cornets are in excellent condition and reluctant to sell. They both come in the original cases and are from the 90's. PM me for price and more details.
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    Brass Band Summer school Framlingham

    I'm not there either. :(
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    RIP Lenny Old

    Very sad to hear this news. He did some great work with the youth in the area supporting and encouraging them. His Durham weekend courses were excellent and he will be very much missed.
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    Dunston silver band - current vacancies

    Where has Sue gone?
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    Area Contest Disqualifications

    I remember two instances of disqualifications. One for turning up late for registration and the second for playing the wrong version of the testpiece!
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    A Level Results Day

    A lot of people don't know that exam boards can change the grade boundaries. A botton A one year could have been a top B the year before. The government keep setting teachers new initiatives to make them better teachers so may be that is the answer or more of entering kids when they are...
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    Test Pieces

    Great piece esp for cornets and gives the backrow something to practice!
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    All Time Fantasy Brass Band - the MD

    Nominate Steve Sykes.
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    BBSS Bromsgrove 2009

    Lenny - it's not the best accommodation in the world but your stuff is normally safe. People are nice at summer school. If you are worried, don't take any valuables. You'll have make sure you find out the group that drink in the Red Lion. That's the evening watering hole!!
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    BBSS Bromsgrove 2009

    Oh no Sarah...