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    James Fountain to Grimethorpe

    I heartily disagree Bob. Usually quite solid contest morning, it's the day after they loosen after a gallon of cooking lager :-) Hope you are well.
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    Welsh Conductor of 2010 - Gary Davies

    Massive Congrats to Gary. Very talented bloke. :clap:
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    Facets of Glass

    Can't find a Leyland one - but there is one.... FACETS OF GLASS Brass Band De Bazuin
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    English Nationals - Why.....

    Here we are then .....
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    English Nationals - Why.....

    I have heard of one - not sure who the 2nd would be.
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    April 2010 - Caption Competition

    "a family bucket and two corn on the cobs please"
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    David James RIP.

    A great man and a fantastic teacher. Will be missed by all
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    Contact Details for Simon Stonehouse

    Hi He's on Facebook if you are on there -- If not - if you send me a PM I'll forward it to him via facebook
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    All Time Fantasy Brass Band - the MD

    2. You may nominate, once, and "second" a nomination, once.
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    Coronation Scene from Boris Godunov

    try Philip Littlemore at Faber Music
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    Celebrity Brass in concert - Saturday 13th June article about this on 4bars....
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    3 Slow Movements from a test piece to form One TestPiece in 3 movements

    Careful Shippo, you know Ian doesn't like 'been' upset :confused: Don't know about 'distroying' the thread, but wouldn't we be in danger of 'distroying' an already fragile contest audience with a piece of 3 slow movements ? Suppose it gives the old dears something to sleep through ? And what...
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    Sleep - Eric Whitacre

    As I understand it, Sandy has permission to arrange a load of his stuff,
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    Regionals 2009: Championship Section Test Piece: Salute to Youth, Gilbert Vinter

    Several from solo cornet part that aren't there either ...
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    Back to the future - YBS renamed Hammonds Saltaire Band

    Good luck to Morgan and the rest of the team.