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    Nationals predictions - too soon?

    Section 4: Petite Suite de Ballet - Eric Ball Section 3: Hinemoa - Gareth Wood Section 2: Music of a Legacy - Steven Ponsford Section 1: Tournament for Brass - Eric Ball Championships: Gallery - Howard Snell
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    Cory, Cory

    Umm I'm not sure tbh you'll have to ask the adjudicators but the 3 of them, in my opinion, played exceptionally well.
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    Cory, Cory

    And, Cory, continues to dominate the brass banding world after another exceptional win at the Open yesterday. What an achievement, Mr Harper certainly knows how to win a contest. Many congratulations Cory!
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    British Open 2016 Predictions

    After last night's rehearsal - Cory, in my opinion, will certainly be the band to beat. Technically they were immense, but who knows, there's some great bands in the contest tomorrow.
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    4barsrest countdown

    New website maybe?
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    2017 Regional Test Piece Rumours

    Couldn't agree more with you here. It's a lazy choice, great piece, but there are so many exciting, new (ish!) work out there we could be using. Some examples: L'Effet Divers - Stan Nieuwenhuis \ Swiss Colours - Bertrand Moren \ The Raid - Oliver Waespi \ Fire in the Sky - Peter Meechan \ Orion...
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    British Open 2016

    Peter Graham's 'Triumph of Time' chosen for this year's contest at Symphony Hall, Birmingham on Saturday 10th September. What a treat this year!
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    Test Piece Rumours For National Finals

    CHAMPIONSHIP Journey of the Lone Wolf (Simon Dobson) Published by Faber Music SECTION ONE Ballet for Band (Joseph Horovitz) Published by Studio Music SECTION TWO Images for Brass (Stephen Bulla) Published by Curnow Music SECTION THREE Lake of the Moon (Kevin Houben)...
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    2015 National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain

    There must be something in Welsh water - what a great day two 1st and a 3rd! Congratulations Usk Brass, Deiniolen and Ebbw Valley.
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    2015 National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain

    Here we go again. Another Nationals weekend upon us. All the best to the competing bands - especially my home village band, Deiniolen, who'll be competing tomorrow in Section 2. Here are the bands: Section 1 City of Cardiff (Melingriffith) (Nigel Seaman) - (Wales) Freckleton (Paul Dalton) -...
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    2016 Area Test Piece Rumours

    And I said Journal of Phileas Fogg for the 4th section...
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    British Open 2015

    Special mention to Desford, Woodfalls and Milnrow as well - really enjoyed their performance. What did everyone think of the piece? When Fairey's played it I was a bit curious - but by the end I loved it. Full of character. Although, only Burgermusik, I felt, played it for a ballet.
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    British Open 2015

    Haha - thank you - although after all the performances yesterday I had 1. Cory / Brighouse 3. Grimethorpe 4. Foden's 5. Burgermusik Luzern 6. Black Dyke - but what a contest. I think any of the top 3 could of won, I favoured Cory, what a show by them. All in all an amazing day.
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    British Open 2015

    Great minds think alike! But even outside our predicted 'top six' you have the likes of Tredegar, Faireys, Co-op Funeralcare, Carlton Main, Rothwell which could suprise! Can't wait!
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    British Open 2015

    Should be a great contest this weekend - British bands are in great form at the moment and I can't wait to hear Bürgermusik Luzern. Any predictions? I have a feeling it might be Grimethorpe's year: Grimethorpe, Black Dyke, Cory, Bürgermusik Luzern, Brighouse, Foden's all in the top 6 for me.