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    Yorkshire Schools Brass Band Possible Reunion

    I've just spotted this 5 year old post of yours about the BBAYS Steve. I was a member from when it started in 1960 until about 1966. (I kept playing in the band for three years after I left school :) ) Your post brought back many good memories and reminded me how privileged we are to have been...
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    2019 Area test piece discussion thread

    Just for info, I played the 1st suite (Same arrangement) with the Yorkshire Schools Brass Band in 1960 (I have the programme) and the 2nd suite (Same arrangement) with the same band in 1962 (Also have programme).
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    Yorkshire Imps and Friends Vets Band

    Just to mention that any retired brass banders or shift workers who fancy a day time blow will always be welcome at Imps and Friends Vets band once a fortnight on Tuesday mornings at 11am (Next blow next Tues 27th Feb). There is no commitment, no gigs and no contests, just 1.1/2 hours playing...
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    Sam B. Wood signature Marches - How many ?

    Coincidentally I've just had a look on here for the first time for ages. Good to see that all the old problems seem to have been sorted and the website hale and hearty. I do 99% of my banding social media on Face Book now just following the progress of major contests on 4Barsrest. I shall...
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    slow movements from great test pieces

    Middle of Festival Music and middle of Tournament for Brass
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    Tuba Stands

    There are still a lot of really good quality 30+ year old tubas around, much sought after as they are a better build than a lot of the "Lottery" tubas that were churned out in the 1990s early 2000s.
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    Cornet Nev

    How sad ~ Another really good bloke passes over. My sincere condolences to his family ~ R.I.P. Cornet Nev. ~ Mr Wilx
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    LGBT+ community

    Perfectly stated. Music is genderless. The sexual orientation of folk who perform or appreciate it is totally irrelevant.
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    Help/Advice please!

    I totally agree Mello. I'm not in your league, but in my opinion there are far too many folk on here who are extremely opinionated and are only looking for opportunities to demean and belittle others. It would be interesting to know just what experience they have that qualifies them to take...
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    Help/Advice please!

    I can't see a much respected and accomplished player like Mello ever giving "Naff" advice !
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    Help/Advice please!

    I wish someone would come back on this ~ I need to know !!!
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    Sold/Expired Poor service

    Don't let that put you off Mesmermate, get down and parp on whatever's available, or get a MP elsewhere. I bet there are loads on Ebay going for a song ~ Don't fall at the first fence ~ Go for it !!
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    Pogson Bray and Rochdale Contests.

    Thanks guys, much appreciated. ~ Wilkie
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    Pogson Bray and Rochdale Contests.

    I can't find the results of these contests anywhere on the net. Who got what ! ~ Wilkie