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    Paddy's Yorkshire Area - 2011

    I was really proud of my bands performance (City of Bradford) and very happy to be going to the finals. A great contest and very well organised. The only negative for me was the photo's as you came off stage - as the last band on we could really have done without that!
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    Rehearsals wanted for next 3 weeks in West Yorks

    Hi Horn and Baritone (currently with a 2nd section band) available for any rehearsals over the next few weeks whilst our band has it's summer break. We want to try keep our lip in so if you're short of players get in touch via PM. Thanks
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    "Cool" Horn Solos?

    Cool Solo People have mentioned Stardust. Does anyone know arranger/publisher of a full band arrangement? I would like to play it but we only have a ten piece version. Cheers
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    Snow Day??

    snow day? Most schools in Bradford are closed. I work at the College at that's closed too. A duvet day i think!
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    Euphonium Player needs a band

    Hi YBS Concert require a second euph player. We are a friendly crowd with a reasonable job list in some good venues. The band will move up to the first section in January 09. We practice Monday and Thursday 7.45-9.30 at Low Moor Club, Huddersfield Road, Bradford. This is 5 mins from M606/62...
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    National Championships of Great Britain - 2008 - Qualifying Bands - Second Section

    I can see the bigger picture and I also get fed up with many of the moans and groans about the organisaton of events. My only grumble is that in such a prestigous contest why have bands play to an empty hall when other players would have liked to have watched. For most players the weekend was...
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    National Championships of Great Britain - 2008 - Qualifying Bands - Second Section

    Agree with all of the above, although if bands were allowed in (as in the past) there would be a better atmosphere and sense of occasion. It's all a bit flat. My band (YBS Concert) had a fab weekend but it was not the location or venue that made this. It's a very expensive weekend already, why...
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    YBS Concert Brass

    Players for Harrogate Finals - West Yorks Hi YBS Concert Band needs to recruit an Eb Bass and front row cornet player to make a full compliment of players for the 2nd Section National Finals. We are based in Bradford, just off the M62. Rehearsals are Monday & Thursday 7:45-9:45. Pm PM with...
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    West Yorks vacancies

    vacancies Hi The positions of Eb bass and baritone are still available. Please note the practice details have now changed. The band will now practice Mondays and Thursdays 7:45-9:45 in Low Moor Club, Bradford. PM for details Thanks Nicola
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    West Yorks vacancies

    vacancies YBS concert is pleased to announce the only vacancies to be filled before appearing at the Second Section National Finals in Harraogate are: Eb Bass Baritone Please PM for details or call 07970 821608 Further information can be found at
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    Official tMP Yorkshire Regional 2008 thread

    Well done to everyone at YBS Concert. After a difficult couple of years the band is well and truly back on it's feet and yesterdays result was fantastic. A big thanks to our MD Ian Craddock who put in a huge amount of work. Well done Slaithwaite - we look forward to seeing you in...
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    Butlins mineworkers 2008

    YBS Concert Brass are going for the first time this year. As for the test piece....words fail me!! I wouldnt like to be an adjudicator sitting through too many versions of the last movement
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    West Yorks vacancies

    Bb/Eb Bass & Bari West Yorks Hi Thank you to the people who enquired about the vacancy. The position of Eb or Bb bass is still vacant. Additionally, the band also requires a 2nd baritone player. Other than these two seats we have a full line up and are looking forward to the approaching...
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    West Yorks vacancies

    Bb Bass West yorkshire YBS Concert Band (MD Ian Craddock) requires a Bb Bass to complete it's line up. We are 2nd section, Yorkshire area and have the Butlins contest in January coming up as well as the regional contest in March. The band nights are Monday and Wednesday 7:30-9:30 at Low Moor...
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    Regionals 2008: Second Section Test Piece: Three Part Invention

    We bought a copy at the trade stand on Sunday and played it last night. I have to agree that the quality of the print/paper is v v poor. The 1st bari part had the title of the second movement across the stave above. We played it for the first time last night just out of curiosity. I dont...