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    Sold/Expired Martin Committee trumpet for sale

    Sorry Seb......sold it ages ago but I have a beautiful Olds Recording which I am considering selling.
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    Cornet Cleaning ......

    Have a look at this site for information on cleaning Trumpet Care Cleaning Maintenance
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    Brass Band of Battle Creek

    An excellent band to say the least....I heard them in the Coal Exchange in Cardiff whilst they were on tour over here a few years back. Full marks for entertainment:clap: :clap: .....Steve Mead was playing euphonium on that day also.
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    What is the most English thing you can think of?

    Show them photographs of how we park our cars...i.e not on driveways. :) Photographs of rows of terraced houses would certainly be of interest.:tup
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    First Female Players

    We had a girl playing with Ogmore Valley Silver back in the late 40s when I joined the band. Her name was Joan Gould....her father Harry played on the top end. She was the first female to play in the band as far as I know.
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    What was your first solo?

    PMSL:clap: :) ....been there, done that....those were the days
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    What was your first solo?

    Vilia....60 years ago :D ;)
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    Six Nations 2008

    Sorry Andy ....England was beaten at home(Wembley) by Wales in 1999 surely Wembley is a HOME venue for the English? :D
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    Six Nations 2008

    So very, very chuffed with the result.....absolutely no good for my blood pressure though !
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    Broken Flugel!?

    Sounds as if the bolt has come partly adrift.....should be quite easy to fix ...ask one of the senior players;)
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    Cornet mouthpieces

    Don't worry mate...I totally agree with you...use a Wick 4 (As used by Salvation Army cornet player) for cornet and 2F on flugel. Yamaha 16c4GP for trumpet though;)
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    Sop Passes Out

    His grandad Eric James of Glynneath fame would have been immensely proud of him, as indeed his parents Alun and Pam are I expect. Well done Morgan:clap:
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    It's so nice to be retired :D think in my last position I was driving anything between 40,000 and 50,000 miles per annum. Dread to think what it's like nowadays at busy periods. Can't moan about the roads locally in my's the drivers I could rant about!
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    Another portrait photograph... Look Into My Eyes....

    Nice one John......simply a stunner:clap:
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    Yamaha xeno mouthpieces

    Check out the Yamaha dealers in your area ...the David King model is a Signature series mpc. Best of luck