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    I do sometimes think the formation slightly strange, as the quieter instruments are so close to the back. so often on band recordings or concerts, i struggle to hear the horns come through, so i know its not just me as a player that the conductor struggles to hear! so why are they so far into...
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    Regionals 2008: Second Section Test Piece: Three Part Invention

    gettin worried- i heard that no band had received the music yet after all the mistakes were getting sorted, but looking at some of this a lot of you have been practicing already!! apols if already said in the thread (i havent read it all at all), but surely some of us are going to be going with...
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    Ironbridge Gorge Brass Band Festival 2007

    there seems to have been a lot of bands there over the weekend. how did all the logisitics of not playing the same pieces and timings go??
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    Flugel/Horn duets

    Isnt dont it make my brown eyes blue a cornet solo?
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    whats happening with hotmail?

    thanks for that seemed to work after rebooting computer. relief as i was getting worried!
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    whats happening with hotmail?

    can someone help me please. i cant access hotmail or msn or anything like that. is there something wrong with it at the mo or is it my old old old old computer?? everytime i type it, a page comes up to say it doesnt exist, and offers to search for it, which if i then click the link it still...
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    What do you do for a living?

    what do you do? Given that traditionally brass bands were linked to mines and so a lot of people in bands were miners, i was wondering how things looked now. Ive never done a poll on here before, and wouldnt necessarily know how to do it/add headings, but i just thought it would be kinda...
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    Shaving (men only - I hope!)

    hehe lol. oh it must be so hard being a man!! :) ;)
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    Tenor Horn Music

    i dont know what grade it is, but i would suggest Rondo from Mozarts horn concerto. great piece, and its not too too hard. especially as so much is repeated you only really need to learn half the piece! and im pretty certain it doesnt get above a top G.
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    Playing problems - please help!!!!

    yep, id agree too. need some time off! ive often been amazed at how much better my tone is after a while off than if id been playing loads. also, i remember when i was younger, my teacher would sometimes compliment me and say he could tell id been practicing. not that i practiced that much...
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    Improving Your Playing V Age

    duh, i was just trying to work out what your playing V age was!! interesting thread tho! i know time obvisouly is a major issue, for practice and stuff like that. but doesnt the lip just change with age so that when ppl get older they wont be as good/cant get as high etc?
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    Who inspired you to become the player you are today

    my teacher was great! i remember him once telling me at school that he knew i could and would be the best horn player in the county. i thought that was such an encouraging and "wow" thing for him to say that it really motivated me!!
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    Views on New or Young MD's

    its the same with any job really, ppl need the experience to get better, but some people dont like giving that experience. how is anyone supposed to get better if not given the chance!! grrr
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    Has anyone played any of these pieces?

    i did variations on a welsh theme for my grade 8. really liked the piece. top c is the highest note in it. i found it quite interesting to play, sounds nice, and isnt too difficult.
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    Concerts, Bandstands and other jobs

    do peopple who go to the park for a picnic/kick around with a football/frisbee count as attentive public?