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    Land O' Burns Contest 2007

    Great to see the NE bands doing well over the border - special well done to Easington for 4th place, a great result for them and from a drunken phone call at around midnight last night I gather that the celebrations were almost as good as their performance. Was a real shame Fishburn couldn't...
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    Playing problems - please help!!!!

    It's definitely not the horn. I feel like my lips have been replaced with a beginner's, so I've been practising more but with no improvement. Any more advice anyone has would be greatly appreciated. As Superhorn says, with Judges starting off with horn, the last thing I want is these problems...
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    Playing problems - please help!!!!

    Hi there. Over the last couple of weeks I seem to have suffered a setback with my playing and was wondering if anyone out there has suffered the same, or has any suggestions to remedy it. Over the last few months I've been doing the best playing of my life, and in my band's last contest (Land...
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    Horn Music

    Cheers Jillian, that's the one I'm after. Should have known you would know ;-) Can you PM me the details of someone at Tavistock so I can drop them a line and see if they have it. Cheers. Steve.
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    Horn Music

    Hi all. Was just wondering if anyone knew where I could buy the music for the Finale from the Strauss Horn Concerto? Have had a quick look on t'internet but can't seem to find it. Does anyone know if there is a recording out there anywhere? I've also been looking for music for the Wilby/ Howarth...
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    The 'Official' tMP North of England Regional Thread

    Thanks Sam I am still finding it difficult to accept missing out on a qualification place yet again (it still hasn't sunk in yet), especially as the band and Major McElligott were over the moon with the way we played, but it is heartening to read positive comments on the band's performance...
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    Butlins National Mineworkers’ Champion Section Results

    Fishburn played: Summon the Heroes (Olympic Fanfare) Charivari (Cornet soloist John Gill) Duet for 2 Cats The Ugly peanut Galaxies Congratulations to all the prize winners. We actually thought we played better on Sunday than Saturday, but it seems the judges didn't agree. Great weekend...
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    Young Ambassadors Brass Band Of Great Britain

    What are the selection procedures for players? First come first served or auditions?
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    BHk (UK) Ltd HORDEN BAND - Sept 2004 Students Welcome

    I don't think it was blown out of the water at all mate, you make a snide comment about my band/ ER apparently 'poaching' all the student players when nothing could be further from the truth. I merely pointed out that your old band has more students than us combined, thus proving your comment...
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    BHk (UK) Ltd HORDEN BAND - Sept 2004 Students Welcome

    And who told you that exactly? I can think of at least 4 players off the top of my head from Durham Uni Band who play for Gateshead Brass! Only 3 play for Fishburn and 1 for Ever Ready, so Gateshead have more than us put together! :)
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    Maria Sharapova - the new Kournikova?

    After watching her fine display at Wimbledon yesterday, is Maria Sharapova the new Anna Kournikova? But with actual talent! :D
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    Durham Conductors Course Finale

    Didn't realise that second one was a swear word?!?!? :?
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    Durham Conductors Course Finale

    'Quality'. That's one word for Demelza. I can think of another - *Bleepin bleep*! And you forgot to mention someone else - thought that fella in the middle did a bloody marvellous job wagging his stick! You've got a big future somewhere laddo! Look out Mr Farr! :wink:
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    Just out of curiosity how did you change the ending??? Our baritone player dug it out last week, and it would be nice to have an alternative ending for those days when you just can't get a note above a G! :wink:
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    Looking for a Tenor Horn Tutor

    Too true! :D