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    Mute bumper strip / flock tape

    A Google search with the terms "self adhesive felt tape" throws up a few suggestions.
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    Mouthpiece information

    A colleague was clearing out her late father's loft recently and discovered a few old bits & pieces, including this mouthpiece. It is stamped 'B&H London' on the shank and '83 Patent' on the bowl. The shaped rim is clearly part of the design. Does anyone have any information about its possible...
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    Rendering problems with Chrome

    Yes it has been corrected. Thanks! Mark
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    Rendering problems with Chrome

    Sorry to say that the formatting issue with Chrome is back once again. All OK with IE and Firefox.
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    Mortimer & whitehouse: gone fishing

    South Notts Brass Band according to the credits on iPlayer.
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    Rendering problems with Chrome

    Yes it has! That's a whole lot better! Many thanks. Mark
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    Rendering problems with Chrome

    Since the recent upgrade, the formatting of some pages in Chrome (75) has changed so as to make reading of posts very difficult (see attached screenshot). The same pages render correctly in IE (11) and Firefox (68). Occasionally, the page will render correctly in Chrome but it does not remain...
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    Denis Wick 4AM euphonium mouthpiece

    Now sold.
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    Denis Wick 4AM euphonium mouthpiece

    Denis Wick 4AM euphonium mouthpiece. Gold plated version. Note that this is a medium shank mouthpiece, previously used with my vintage B&H Imperial euphonium. It is in excellent condition with only minor surface abrasion to the rim and very light insertion marks. Otherwise no dings or...
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    Late starting euph

    Hi All, I've been lurking around the forums for a few weeks and have finally plucked up the courage to say "Hello". I'm a late starter compared to most players here, having picked up a euph for the first time about 5 years ago, aged 48. My only previous music experience was scraping through...