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    Bb bass looking for band in west midlands

    Can you not live nearer to Crewe please!!!! We need Bb basses!!!
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    Derek Atkinson

    Thank you.
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    Derek Atkinson

    Can anyone give me a contact number or e mail address for Derek Atkinson please. Pm me with it if possible. Ta.
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    Crewe Brass and St Austell Town Band

    This weekend Crewe Brass will be the guests of the St Austell Town Band. They will be performing a joint concert on Saturday 4 th May at the Grampound Village Hall at 7.30 pm. On the following day (Sunday 5th) Crewe Brass and St Austell Youth Band will be performing at the Ship Inn, Par...
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    Wychavon Festival of Brass Entertainment Contest 2011

    Unfortunately we, Crewe Brass, were also deducted 3 points in the 2nd section for running over time! Otherwise the result there would have been a different story! Nevertheless we were pleased with our 2nd place ....and Best Percussion! Well done everyone!!
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    Bolsover Entertainments

    contrary to the link to the results link on here to 'Bolsover District Council'......Crewe Brass were 5th, not 6th.
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    Nembba derby sunday 21/02/2010

    Unfortunately my Band had withdrawn due to circumstances beyond our control but i have always really enjoyed this contest and found it useful to play the area test piece out in contest conditions before the area. Derby contest is a good alternative to Preston contest for Bands located just a...
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    just checked. It was 9.27 20/2/10. So the answer is yes. Why?
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    ....... its from AlexAdministrator
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    mne is the same as the one at the beginning of this thread by Roger,
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    just recieved one today.
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    Pontins 2010

    Back to the usual rubbish for the 2nd section then. my opinion!
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    Pontins 2009

    ....add United Coop 2000 to 2nd section
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    Rhyl Festival of Brass 28/6/09

    Ha Ha Jimothy!!!! Course you know it was United Coop 2000 (from Crewe)..... you played for us!!! Good contest but a bit surprised kids over 3 were charged £5 entrance when it was only £7 full price!! How can they expect to get an audience with a kids price lke that??? Enjoying the result...
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    Whit Friday Results

    Well Done Cheshire Constabulary (especially Di on trombone and Dave Firth). To the people who seem to be very unhappy with this result I hope you actually heard them! (no, I thought not!). I played with my Band at a pre areas concert this year where Cheshire Constabulary also played and was...