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    Brighouse March Contest 2011

    Frontrunners at Brighouse,My prediction.....1st Marsden,2nd Hammonds,With a close third between Skelmanthorpe and Thorsebury,Dark horse could be Elland.Whats yours? Phil.
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    Tenor Trombone player available for whit whit friday

    Dear Becky,are you still without a band,Enfield Brass are currently without,please ring Phil 01706 847647,playing Honest Toil.Could meet at Premier Inn Hyde at 3.00pm or at Grenfield for 4pm.
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    marsden contest results?

    marsden Dear Bayerd,Ill get you a pint at the Riverhead if youre in on Sat.
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    marsden contest results?

    marsden contest Cheers pal.For your reply.Phil.
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    marsden contest results?

    Hi, does anyone know any resuluts from Marsden last weekend?Only 5 bands,but I guess it was Ashton,can anyone verify this?Harrydj
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    WELL done OLDHAM (Lees) Band!

    Congratulations to John Collins and Oldham Lees Band who carved out some brill results on Whit Friday(beating Briggus at a couple)!Keep the good work going John.
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    Best Bass Trombone Player!!!!

    best bass trom Well D onna,you must have stould down wind,which was the stronger,the chiken or the bottom c, harry dj
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    Best Bass Trombone Player!!!!

    best bass trom? HI,spent whit friday night with Gareth Sykes,what a sound he can pelt out,before the fish and chips,