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    Spring Festival 2013

    We did play with a number of deps, due to several players being unavailable for the contest with exams etc. Luckily our friends at Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass stepped up and helped out. So not a case of buying in players to win the contest as suggested, yes relaxed registration helped out in this...
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    Paddy's Fantasy Brass Band League

    Wasn't one of my best either!
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    Paddy's Fantasy Brass Band League

    No results for East Anglia yet Paddy? The suspense!
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    Master list of test pieces

    Entertainments and Salute to Youth have both been used at the areas in the last 5 years, and Triumphant Rhapsody was 1st section nationals piece a couple of years ago....I've played the couple of the others as own choice in the last few years too, so I don't think they are as disregarded as you...
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    Iwan Fox's call for immediate change today on 4br

    According to SBBA website, 'probably Birmingham' for the meeting.
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    Paddy's European Championships - 2011

    Does anyone know if there are plans to stream the contest online again this year?
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    Fife Brass Band Festival 2011

    I know Dunfermline are going in the 3rd section but that's all the info I have!
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    Fife Brass Band Festival 2011

    Shame it's not the case now...probably down to £££? Good that there are a couple of English bands coming up to support the contest though :)
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    Fife Brass Band Festival 2011

    Not sure. Usually the lower sections get a bigger entry though I think. There was only one band competing in the Champ a couple of years ago and they didn't open it up even then.
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    Fife Brass Band Festival 2011

    It's usually just done in sections brassneck.
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    How About Pre-drawn Regionals?

    I think a predraw was discussed for the Scottish Championships this year but didn't go ahead, I'm not sure why though. I guess some bands must have objected to it. Seems sensible enough to me! Not so much of a problem here though as the sections are not massive.
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    Test Piece - What makes it a test piece?

    Think this could be the one?
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    Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass, Scotland

    KKB (1st section) require a new solo euphonium player. Next contest Scottish Championships 27th February. Please pm/email
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    Paddy's Fife Charities Contest - 2010

    1. Kingdom 2. Newtongrange 3. Unison Kinneil 4. Dalmellington 5. Broxburn