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    all AS/A level students....

    managed to get U's in both my first module of A2 biolgy and one in a resit, but i got a C for general studies :roll: so there is some hope for me yet resits here i come 8)
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    Good Bands near Portsmouth

    There is the Portsmouth City Band 8)
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    Greatest trilogy ever?

    was surprised there was no matrix up there, but then again you did say greatest :lol: LOTR got my vote, but as said by someone (sorry can not find quote), only untill they come up with a decent Hitch Hiker films
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    Did you start playing on a recorder?

    not quite a recorder but turn it round 90 degrees and i started on a Fyfe, i had to be different mine had half holes and everything 8)
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    how many have we got 18 and under?

    am 18 in may and i am counting the days :wink: 8)
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    Cannabis Rant

    The main thing that started my rant was the insinuation from channel 4 that only young people were confused and things just spiraled from there. I do agree that young people need to made aware, but so do the not so younguns aswell. Simply because if they were already users by changing the...
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    Cannabis Rant

    Am in a mood to rant - Sorry Youth council and student council hat on here, but would be interesting to know what people think about this in general . . . Cannibis and the reclassification - to all you (supposidly) powerful people - i think you should be aware that it is not only young people...
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    What's Your Most Mushy Moment?

    something on this topic that has always intreged me - what about blind people? :?
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    Cosmetic Surgery....would you?

    does having my brace count, as my teeth looked awful before. but then again the tone of metal in my mouth isnt that attractive either - but it will all be worth it (so i keep telling myself :roll: )
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    What's your Christmas name?

    Podgy Twinkle-Cheeks :oops:
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    Test the Nation 2003!

    have just done it online - I got 32! My general studies teacher will not be impressed :dunno
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    Lord of the Rings: The Movies, Love them or hate them?

    I loved the third film - nearly got lynched at college cos i brought the tickets a week in advance. I just wanted to shout at the screen - i was getting to far into it. i must admit i didnt enjoy the first one untill about the 3rd time of watching but i definetly enjoyed the third one...
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    Were you a born a performer - nativity play?

    I was an angel, my mum got to into it and made me wings that were 3ft and covered in identical individual cut out inch and a half long (cardboard) feathers :shock: I remember having to stand during the whole performance due to my huge wings i was unable to sit down and i had a big chior robe...
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    Hitch Hikers

    YAY - i have a babel fish - only took two days!?!?! :roll: now what the hell do i do :oops:
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    Brass Players and Conductors views on Percussionist

    they are definetly esential, i cant imagine "the snowman" without that symbol roll it just adds depth. however . . . there is a gig that we do and the percussion are on a stage, and i always end up under a symbol and in front of the base drum, and as they are on a stage it is right at my head...