Gnats Crotchet

Band / Organisation
Mid-Rhondda Band
Regional Area
Soprano Cornet
Previous Playing Experience
1968-1974: Cory Junior Band (cornet)<br>
1974-1983: The Cory Band (cornet, tenor horn, baritone, euphonium, Eb Bass)<br>
1971-1978: Upper Rhondda School Band (cornet, sop, baritone, euph)<br>
1971-1978: Mid Glamorgan Youth Band (cornet, sop, baritone, euph)<br>
1983-1984: Sunlife (Stanshawe) Band (cornet)<br>
1984-1985: City of Bristol Band (soprano cornet)
1984-1985: MD Marshfield Band<br>
1985-1986: MD Stinchcombe Band<br>
1987-2010: Nothing, not so much as a gnat's crotchet played or conducted<br>
May 2011-Jul 2011: Started practicing cornet again after a gap of 27 years...<br>
Aug 2011-September 2012: Lewis Merthyr Band (Solo Cornet)<br>
Oct 2012 - Present: Thomas Coaches Mid-Rhondda Band (Soprano Cornet)<br>


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