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    Band website reviews

    Thanks mr_nismo. Believe it or not the entire site (apart from hosting) is using free/open source products. In an effort to reduce costs to the band, all apps, plugins,templates etc are free. This does mean that some elements are a little restricted, such as the dual logo on the top page, and...
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    Band website reviews

    Thanks TheFopp for the feedback. We have amended the success, and hope it brings more. The facebook thing is a legacy issue where we have a group, and a page .. and the photos, have been cropped, however some have been squished a fraction as well .. we are looking to refresh some of the pics...
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    Band website reviews

    Would anyone like to comment on our site? thanks in advance.
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    Gillingham (Dorset/S.West) need Sop, Eb & BbBass, Front Row, Trombone & Percussion

    Gillingham Imperial Silver Band (Dorset) are looking for players to join for the area contest in Torquay in March and beyond. We need Sop, Eb Bass, Bb Bass, Trombone and Front Row Cornet(s)and Percussionists. Anyone else always welcome See our website for more info...