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    Canadian Band Association (Ontario) Virtual BB Day - everyone worked on my new march - Allensbank

    Here is the output from everyone playing my new march "Allensbank" in their basements while we are unable to get together in the band room in person. Hope you like it. We were fortunate to have Bob, Nick and David Childs, Sheona White-Wade and Tom Hutchinson as virtual conductors and tutors for...
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    Looking for score and parts for George Allan's Senator

    Thank you - this site is now firmly bookmarked
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    Looking for score and parts for George Allan's Senator

    Can anyone tell me where I can find a copy of George Allan's "Senator" march? I can't seem to find it anywhere by googling Thanks
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    Know anything about Morris Concert?

    @J H Kent - thanks for your memories. I was not aware of all the background on Wally Rees that you relate. I recall we also had a number of players who were in various Guards Regiment Bands - you have to be a top flight player to be there!!
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    More copyright woes

    Technically there are ways to do this to some extent - the BBC do it by preventing us from watching certain video clips for example (to the annoyance of those of us living outside the UK:() - but the problem for this site was that it requires sophisticated technology and they did not have the...
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    Is there a Wind Band arrangement of Knight Templar?

    After being blown away by the Black Dyke performance of George Allen's "Knight Templar" in this YouTube clip I was wondering if there was a Wind Band/Wind Orchestra arrangement available (since I don't have a Brass Band to play it in!!)
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    Know anything about Morris Concert?

    Found a reference about 2/3 of the way down this page Contests. At the Area Contest in Watford Town Hall, March 16th 1975. Journey Into Freedom by Eric Ball is the set test piece for the Championship Section. Results; 1st. Hendon Band, conductor Don Morrison, 193 points 2nd. Morris...
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    Know anything about Morris Concert?

    Ah yes - now I remember - because it was the "Cathedral Brass" we were looking for "Leicester Cathedral" - DUH!! :oops:
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    Know anything about Morris Concert?

    Ah - Hi Brian - I didn't think my hair was THAT long :) Unfortunately since leaving Morris Concert Band I have not been able to do any Brass Banding as I now live in Canada where the Brass Band opportunities are very, very limited. However I do play in the Markham Concert Band...
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    Tuba solos

    A nice piece is the Bach Air and Bourée arranged by William Bell for Tuba and Piano - You can print out the part and accompaniment from before buying it. Works well on both Eb and Bb. This is a common audition piece and has two...
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    Know anything about Morris Concert?

    It was the same organisation I played 2nd Eb Bass in the Morris Concert Band in a number of those competitions under Walter Rees - if you want any more info about the band during the mid 1970s please ask and I'll dredge through my memory banks