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    Instrument Travel Insurance

    My son is going on a tour to Salzburg with his school, and he is taking a band instrument with him. We need to source insurance for the instrument, does anybody have any recommendations?
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    Baritone Solo for Grade 3/4

    Hi there, I am interested in finding a Baritone Solo for my Youth Band. The player is probably grade 4, maybe at a push grade 5. I would like to know what good solos there are out there? Any suggestions?
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    Cornet Solos (grade 3/4) with band

    This looks brilliant Andy. I'll take you up on the offer!
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    Cornet Solos (grade 3/4) with band

    I have to agree, one of the most beautiful melodies, however maybe a little advanced for this youngster.
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    Cornet Solos (grade 3/4) with band

    Hi all, I am looking to feature one of our younger cornet players who has recently had a good result at a solo contest. Can you suggest a cornet solo for grade 3 or 4 level which can be accompanied by a full band? Thanks
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    Unhelpful adjudicators remarks - South West Regional 2015

    I would agree that it is a difficult skill to master, however saying the rythmn was not together is completely different to saying the rythmn is wrong. They could be wrong but completely together... also you assume they already know they were wrong. In the lower sections, that may not be the case.
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    Unhelpful adjudicators remarks - South West Regional 2015

    Had all of the comments been written at the very end of the contest, this would work, however very little of this could have applied to a band drawn #1. I too prefer constructive comments like, 'intonation in troms at C+4', or 'rythmn at G should be dotted quaver / semi quaver not triplets'.
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    Driffield Silver Band - Principal Cornet

    Principal Cornet Required! After sitting in the hotseat since October 2012, Richard Gregg has decided to relinquish his position as principal cornet of DSB. Two and a half years of dedication and hard work have brought out a cracking player, but with job and family commitments building, he...
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    Problems facing bands at the present time

    Exactly right. For over 100 years brass bands trained their own kids. There has been a reliance on the schools music service since the 70s, but that has almost ended. As banders we need to return to training our own.
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    Conducting Style

    As has been mentioned before - individuals have to be treated as such. Bear in mind that I am talking about lower section playing. If the individual who is playing differently to the rest of the section - and because of inexperience or inability happens to do it all the time in various different...
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    Conducting Style

    I knew people would take things too literally. At no point did I say to feign anger or to shout abuse. You both missed my point entirely. Respect is at the heart of everything I suggest, and that should go both ways from the conductor to the players as well as in the opposite direction. Self...
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    Conducting Style

    The only situation where a conductor can get away with being 'abusive' (in a loose sense) appears to be those who are employed for a short time. For instance someone engaged for a contest or single performance. It can be a tool to engage some of the more 'relaxed' attitudes within a band. It may...
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    Conducting Style

    In all walks of life there has to be different management styles for different people. Some will respond to the aggressive approach, whilst others will respond better to the encouragement style. (With many stops in between). The best conductors in any level of banding should be able to read...
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    Driffield Silver Band - Sop, Corn, Horn, Percussion

    Hi all, We now have all parts covered, but being a friendly lot, we always like to see new faces. If you'd like to join a band (current playing membership 39) where all we ask is that you do your best and have fun, please get in touch. Check out our website for more information, or find us on...
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    Programme items for lower section bands.

    The older stuff is sorted already from the c3000 items already in the Library. I do agree, filling a programme with all new stuff could alienate the audiences we get. Keep up your great work Mr N, we need more with the talent!