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    If you were picking the 2006 area pieces what would you pick?

    Have to agree with Devil in the Deep Blue sea. Can't remember when it was last used for a contest!
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    Fishburn band featuring Roger Webster

    The Fishburn band are delighted to announce that world famous cornet soloist and principal cornet of the Black Dyke band, Roger Webster will be appearing with them as a guest soloist. Roger will be performing with the band on 23rd April at Empire Theatre, Consett, County Durham. Tickets are 6...
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    The 'Official' tMP North of England Regional Thread

    I may be wrong but I thought RV had one bari muted and one not.
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    The 'Official' tMP North of England Regional Thread

    Think there was only 5 lines of remarks for us. Again the same sort of thing "Well handled", "good shapes" ect. However our remarks ended at Letter O. I guess Geoffrey must of fallen asleep after then!
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    The 'Official' tMP North of England Regional Thread

    Can I ask what people thought of Fishburn's performance in the champ section yesterday? I know its not the done thing to comment on your own bands performance and I don't want this to sound like sour grapes, but I thought we played really well and did enough to qualify. Fair play to CLS and...
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    Fishburn conductor for Northern Area and Grand shield

    Major Ian McElligott to take Fishburn The Fishburn Band is delighted to announce that Major Ian McElligott has accepted the offer to lead the band in its challenge for the forthcoming Northern Area and Grand Shield Championships. The band is really looking forward to working with the...
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    Fishburn band sponsor

    Fishburn Band aided financially by Thompson Solicitors One of the North of England's most successful brass bands are proud to announce that they have secured welcome financial help, with the announcement that Thompson Solicitors are to support them with a three year sponsorship deal. The...
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    Who's Going To Butlins In January

    Fishburn are going. Harmony Music is a Great test piece for the Champ section!
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    Flugel Mouthpieces ... or is it me?

    Have you thought about using a 4BFL Dennis wick? I'm not a great fan of Wick B cup mouthpieces but it should help with the range and give a brighter sound, which will help in the trumpet type stuff. Also it has the same rim diameter as your 4FL so it will be easy to swap back. :)
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    Taylor Trumpets

    Sorry to divert a little from the thread but has anyone tried a Smith-Watkins flugel? If so, do you know anywhere that stocks them so I could go for a try? Cheers :)
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    North East Areas 2005 moved to 26th-27th February

    The advantage with the sage would be that we could have all the sections on one day as there are a number of concert halls. It would also raise the profile of our area as a whole, holding the regional contest in such a venue. Not to mention going out in Newcastle afterwards for a few drinks...
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    "Letter from Home" sheet music

    Can anyone help me find some music? I'm looking for a piece called "Letter from home". Its recorded on CD DOYCD152, entitled "Art of the States" and is performed by Eikanger Bjørsvik. The guy who arranged it is called Svein Henrik Giske. I'm not sure if it has been published. Any ideas of how...
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    marianne- flugel solo

    Does anyone know where I can get hold of the music for "marianne"? Its a flugel solo that appears on "The Lighter side of Maurice Murphy" CD. Cheers, Patrick.