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    Sold/Expired FLugel for sale

    Flugel, D/Eb trumpet and cornet sold.
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    Sold/Expired FLugel for sale

    Prepared to negotiate on price of flugel. Yvonne
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    Sold/Expired FLugel for sale

    Cornet sold. Should also have said that I have a yamaha YTR 4335G silver plated trumpet for £250.00 and a JP 157 D/Eb silver plated trumpet for £350.00 cases for both and flugel. Trumpets as new. Cheers. Yvonne
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    Sold/Expired FLugel for sale

    Hiya I have a Courtois 154 flugel horn for sale cost £1,500 new an willing to accept £1000 for it. It is in same condition as when bought. Also have a Xeno laguer cornet for sale for £500 and a Riker PDP 200 digital piano for sale as new only collecting dust not used but would make a good first...
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    Eb Bass Player Looking For Band In Scotland

    they are a good bunch. I played with them up until last year but only left because I moved 70 miles away. You should have fun with them.
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    travelling expenses?

    I think he maybe meant poorer in terms of ability not financial :D
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    Fife Brass Band Festival 2009

    :clap::clap: paradise:oops: !!!
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    Fife Brass Band Festival 2009

    Tullis played : Fanfare and Flourishes Carrickfergus cornet solo It don't mean a thing Conquest of Paradis
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    Scottish Regional Championships - 2009

    yeah what a result 5 clear points ahead of the second placed band...really pleased for Chic and well done to the band
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    Borders Entertainment Contest 2008

    Johnstone band won contest, 1st Section, best solo cornet and best perc yeah!!!! Well done all other winning bands
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    British Open Results 2008

    Well done Kirkie way to go.....congrats to the winners also
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    Fuel costs making you think about missing band?

    Yeah that is fine in an ideal world where you don't have bills to pay, children to put through college or university, petrol in the car to get you to work which pays for you to enjoy your hobby, I always commit to any band i am with but it is a hobby and banding for us mere mortals does not put...
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    Non playing folk at band practice

    you must be feeling brave !!!! :sup
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    Peter Moore Wins BBC Young Musician 2008

    Well done Peter what a star :clap:
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    Butlins mineworkers 2008

    Was our first time at Butlins, after a 9 hour journey arriving on site around midnight and geting to bed at about 2, back up and on bus for 8.30 for rehearsal and coming 6th in 2nd section I think it is fair to say we enjoyed ourselves and will be back. Did anyone else go into listen to bands...