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    The MD's lament...#"Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right. Here I am...stuck in the middle with you!"#
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    brighouse Xmas record....only listen if your sitting down.

    Has anyone else noticed how the middle 8 sequence could be ripped straight out of Pachelbel's Canon? It's a strange juxtaposition once you get it in your head!
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    Jazz Playing/Improvisation

    I don't know if this is still available, but I used it to teach improv for many years with success. Easy to follow and works in measured steps with backing tracks : Learning Unlimited, Jazz Improvisation Series, 'Making The Changes' by Dominic Spera, published by Hal Leonard
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    Related Composers...

    Sorry to lower the tone, but...... Samuel Scheidt and Ernest Bloch
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    Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Loco Works Band (Horwich)

    Brilliant! Thank you for that Dave! It sheds light on something I've wondered for years.
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    Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Loco Works Band (Horwich)

    I probably am knocking on to tell the truth, but alas I'm not the original owner. I found this bass in a house clearance sale many years ago and it's served me well ever since. As a teacher I started a few decent young bass players on it. Serial number dates it to 1896 & it has L & YR engraved...
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    Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Loco Works Band (Horwich)

    Do any of the band history buffs out there have any information on the Lancs.& Yorkshire Railway Band please? On the IBEW Extinct Bands page it just lists the band as 'Active in 1905'. It would appear I have one of their Bb basses and I was particularly wondering if anyone knew what year they...
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    Student Instruments by Aquae Sulis - any experience?

    Does anyone have any experience of the student instrument range by Aquae Sulis Sebastien Buckley? Are they any good? Originating from China I have to say I'm sceptical, but who knows?
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    Lower Section Finals - New Venue

    Not off-kilter at all. As someone who worked as a freelance courier based in the NW for a few years I think I can speak with more authority than most about the's the worst motorway in the UK (and statistically the 2nd busiest after the A4 in the Netherlands). The M6/M5 junction is...
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    Lower Section Finals - New Venue

    Just for the record.... The accepted geographical centre of the British Isles in their entirety is the little village of Dunsop Bridge in the Trough of Bowland, not far from Clitheroe in Lancashire. It even has a specially inscribed red telephone box on the spot to mark it (or at least it used...
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    Lower Section Finals - New Venue

    Should be a great move...but the bit about Cheltenham being in 'the centre of Britain' is a bit far -fetched. Perhaps if you include the Irish Republic and out to the Fastnet Rock!
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    Prelude, Song and Dance - Sirens?

    Is it Bb or Eb?
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    Banding "apps"?

    'G Strings' is a free digital tuner app available for Android. Tested it's accuracy with a tone generator and it's spot on. Once you get it fired up it's very simple and versatile in use.
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    Criteria Judging

    Wouldn't like to adjudicate at that contest though! :rolleyes:
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    Criteria Judging

    But the point that's being missed in all of this is that at a fundamental level, even with a tick-box system, whether the adjudicator ticks the box, or which box, is still down to a subjective decision. It's the nature of any art form can't make it objective. Or are we so determined to...