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    Grange Moor Brass Band, West Yorkshire, Non-contesting: Front Row, Principal, Soprano

    For current vacancies and contact details, please see most recent posts We are pleased to announce that we can quash all rumours that GMBB are not going to the Yorkshire Areas this year. As i type this we are just confirming our last two seats for a full line up.:clap: I dont know where the...

    MD required

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    MD required

    A exciting opportunity has arisen for the position of Musical director with Grange Moor Brass Band, Yorkshire. We are currently in the 2nd section but have promotion to the 1st in 2011. This very friendly band has the potential for great success under the right leadership and we are looking...

    Bands in Huddersfield Area

    Hi Mate Grange Moor are looking for a second man down, 1st section 2011.

    Grange Moor Band, Yorkshire, Player Requirements

    players required Grange Moor are currently looking to fill the following seats, Front row cornets x 2 Solo ,2nd and Bass trom Eb or Bb Bass, Kit player We have a sensible contest/concert program for the rest of the year and will be 1st section 2011. We have our own bandroom within easy...

    Transfer the yorkshire area

    Im sure there are at least two bars at St Georges hall and in the down stairs one they were serving food, i had a very nice bacon & sausage sarnie £1.75, very reasonable.

    Grange Moor Band, Yorkshire, Player Requirements

    3rd placed 2nd section at Yorkshire area 2010 Promotion to 1st section 2011 Require the following players Front row cornet x 2 2nd Trom Bb:ranting2: or Eb bass Kit player Please pm me or ring band mobile 07957859464

    Grange Moor Band, Yorkshire, Player Requirements

    We require a 1st Percussion player to complete the line up for the Areas Mark Bentham to conduct the band at the areas. Please contact Warren 07957859464 or visit our website

    Grange Moor Band, Yorkshire, Player Requirements

    Due to various seat changes in the band we now have the following seats available Solo cornet x 2 2nd Horn Eb/Bb Bass Percussion. We are a extremley friendly 2nd section band with a sensible Christmas schedule & looking to build a strong team for the areas. Rehearsals Wed 8-10pm/Sun 7-9pm.10...

    Are the high standards of bands driving people away from the movement??

    It seems to me that you want to find a band where you can just turn up when you like without putting much effort in or being "Committed". What's the point of playing in a band if you are not going to commit fully, whatever the section grading?. Every band has a hard working committee who try to...

    Grading of bands

    Isn't that what the Areas is all about, the best two bands on the day? If we just want the "best bands" at the finals why bother with the area's at all:dunno


    Happy Birthday mate " the big 40 ":woo:woo:clap::clap:

    Grading of bands

    I personally dont understand the need for local and national gradings? If you play in one section at the area's and national finals why do you have to play in a different one in a local contest :confused: doesn't make sense. Regarding promotion/relegation, top two up bottom two down no points...

    Regionals 2010 : Second Section Test Piece - Kingdom of Dragons

    Seems there is some kind of conspiricy against Yorkshire bands getting a copy mate ;) we ant got ours yet either even though we've ordered it twice:confused:, shall we have a massed band blow through when we finally get it:biggrin::biggrin:

    Listen To The Band

    I listen every other friday as i work nights, has anyone else noticed that as soon as it comes on the quality of broardcast sound seems to go badly down hill,:( its almost like listening to a old record sometimes (for you young uns that was like a large black CD);)