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    2017 Regional Test Piece Rumours

    Better dig out all our tuned bottles and sterilize them then!
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    Have you seen our uniforms?

    Have you seen our uniforms? Woodfalls Band is appealing for anyone who has one of their band uniforms to return them. The brass band is missing several of their blue, black and gold stage jackets along with blazers and band ties. The band is busy preparing for a hectic autumn when they are set...
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    Charity registration

    There is such a thing as an unincorporated society and lots of clubs, choirs, bands still exist as one. There is no law to force an unincorporated society to become a charity. There are however some advantages, especially if you intend on applying for grants or claiming back gift aid.
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    Championship Section Arrogance.

    Anyways, back to the subject matter - our band Woodfalls regularly invites players from our locality to come and rehearse with us - (and no, not as a means of getting them to sign for us) but as way of opening our doors, making connections with our neighbouring bands and developing local...
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    ABRSM Exams

    At our school last week an oboist accidentally dropped her instrument wrecking a few keys so had to borrow the instrument of another candidate so she could carry on (luckily there was another oboist candidate with a decent instrument!). With Rockschool it's compulsory to use the drum kit...
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    Selling the Land Registry

    Copy and pasted from a mate's facebook but it sums up the short-termism smash and grab attitude of this privatisation (and most others) The Land Registry currently delivers £100m/y into the UK Treasury. This deal is expected to raise £1.2Bn. In other words, 12 years' net revenue. Who the hell...
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    Percussionists at Contests

    Some good points there Fiona. I agree, paying percussionists actually adds to the problem in that it will get round all the local pros/semi pros/peris that your band pays and you won't be able to attract any of them in to help unless you keep getting your chequebook out. How about offering...
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    NW Areas Result - What happened? #Regs2016

    This new rule has I think been snuck in without much debate - who is to define what offensive means in various contexts? I worry about this, I really do. Our regional committee puts out a message along the lines of 'don't complain on the internet, write to us directly', then when you do just...
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    NW Areas Result - What happened? #Regs2016

    Something that should be taken into consideration when commenting on contest organisation is the new rules Kapitol recently brought in. Our regional committee has asked each band secretary to read the following clause (23d) out to all our players:
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    How many Bands play on Xmas Day?

    1610056_10156317936920043_8129407167595437526_n by fartycat posted Dec 29, 2015 at 11:49 PM This was Downton on Christmas Day this year - started at 4am. 1st Breakfast and lots of mulled wine at 4.30am. More mulled wine and chocolates along the route, playing a carol every 2nd lampost. Final...
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    Downton (Salisbury 2nd Section) require cornets & basses

    Downton Band is looking for cornets (front and back row) and tubas of both varieties. We are a happy band rooted firmly in our local community with our own band room, a good stock of instruments and a thriving training band of 30 plus learners. We usually take part in two contests a year plus a...
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    Hymn Tune solos

    Swedish Folk Song (How Great Thou Art) - two arrangements, one for cornet solo, one for full band, both by Peter Graham
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    Downton Set To Launch Training Band

    Downton Band launches its exciting training band in September and is still keen to hear from anyone who wants to take part and learn a brass or a percussion instrument. The traditional brass band, that has recently celebrated 140 years of music making, is set to launch its training band on...
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    Abide with Me - Karl Jenkins/Peter Graham

    That version (Prima Vista) is in a different key to the original though and has slightly different scoring (unless they changed t back)!
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    2016 Area Test Piece Rumours

    Really? Didn't sound owned to me, just rewritten :-)