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    Sold/Expired Conn Bb/F trombone for sale. Great condition. Real bargain!

    Hi, My mate based in Southampton is selling his Bb/F Conn trombone. It is in great condition, hardly used. I have played it and the slide action is lovely. A real bargain for such a nice instrument. It is up on ebay where you can see full details, but I said I would post it on here for him...
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    Sold/Expired New Composing Book for Children

    Hello! I have written a little book for young musicians to inspire them to get creative and write their own music. "I Can Write Music!" is a project book with helpful ideas and tips alongside blank manuscript paper. It was inspired by the number of students I teach who, even in the very early...
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    Beginner Music Books - Teachers

    Currently Team Brass/Woodwind is in the lead. Another surprise as I don't use that one regularly. (even though it is what I started on!) Followed closely by Abracadabra. Also, Cello Time/Fiddle Time is used by 100% of string teachers so far who have done the survey.
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    Beginner Music Books - Teachers

    Interesting. The most popluar music books so far cost an average of £9 yet the majority (approx. 70%) of teachers have said they would only expect parents to pay an average of about £6.00!
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    Beginner Music Books - Teachers

    Thank you. And a good point. I find the Alan Pring book is better for older pupils/adults for that reason and group lessons are often difficult. I was thinking of younger students when making the survey but didn't actually specify that. Some interesting responses already!
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    Beginner Music Books - Teachers

    To all instrumental music teachers, I would really appreciate it if you could take time to answer six simple questions on Beginner Music Books for me. (Please share with any other teachers you know) Hoping to find out what is the most important thing for children learning today...
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    Musical Director needed for good local brass band in Surrey....

    Musical Director needed for good local brass band! After a successful couple of years at The Cobham Brass Band I regret to say I am standing down as MD. I would love to leave the band in good hands. If anyone is interested please get in touch with them. In the last two years we have won 5...
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    Robin Hood Theme - BBC Series

    Hi, I don't know if it has been arranged for brass band but my old lecturer did some orchestration work on that programme. I suggest contacting him direct and seeing what he thinks? He will probably have useful contacts who may be able to help..... This is his website...
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    Junior/Training Brass Band Music

    Depends on the ability but I have written a piece recently for one of our youth bands that they seem to enjoy. (more works in progress). Send me an email if you are interested.
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    Fanfare Music for Junior Bands

    I have recently written a piece for a training band I conduct at work, called Jubilee. Great little piece and very appropriate for this year! We performed it at the Anvil in Basingstoke about a month ago, and it seemed to go down well with the audience as well as the players in the band. It is...
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    Cobham Brass Band Open Rehearsal

    In case anyone is interested. (Don't think this has already been posted) Brass Band Open RehearsalOn Monday 20th February at 8/00 pm Cobham Band’s weekly rehearsal will be an open event. Anyone interested in brass band music will be welcome to come and listen to the band rehearse under the...
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    Slow melody for Euphonium

    My vote would also be for Peace by Golland, beautiful piece of music.
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    scaba Autumn Contest 2011

    Cobham - Three Songs Without Words, Eric Ball
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    Looking for a Band Near Guildford

    Hi Cat, Would love to see you at Cobham Band! We have vacancies on front row or elsewhere if you wish.... If transport is an issue I'm sure we could arrange for a pick up from the station if nothing else. Could also ask around the band and see who comes from that way. Message me if you would...