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    Norwegian Championships 2018

    The link from the previous post is now dead, but here is one that is still active:
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    Most descriptive way MD's ask for musical style?

    I heard of a conductor trying to explain the mood of the music to the tuba section, by using a couple of minutes to paint a picture of the snow melting from the branches of the pine trees on an alpine mountain side in the early springtime sunlight before he was interupted by one of the players...
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    Rehearsal Absentees

    A wise man in the middle once told me the five important seats in the cornet benches are the top two on the frontrow, rep, first 2nd and first 3rd. Out of these five seats my favourite is rep but at the moment I find myself playing 3rd which poses its own unique problems like trying to look full...
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    Music Libraries

    Many bands I have been involved in scan their music to PDF-files (music they have purchased legitmately). They do it in order to have a complete set, in case any parts go missing, which they often do. It also makes it possible to email a substitute player the parts, so they can see the music in...
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    Why did the Cornet become a second rate citizen?

    I don't know whether a trumpet is better than a cornet, but it is definately less versatile. As a conductor of many years I have often heard poor cornet players make their cornet sound like a trumpet, but I have never heard a good trumpet player make his instrument sound like a cornet.
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    Beta Blockers for contests?

    You have to consider that a known side effect of beta blockers is erectile dysfunction. For the other side effects: Beta Blockers: Types, Side Effects, Interactions
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    Long serving conductors

    Yesterday I received the sad news of the passing last week of Børge Nørkjær - the second longest serving conductor in your list. He led the band for the last time at a church service on september 10th.
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    In or Out?

    I agree - It makes no sense to have a referendum and then ignore the result. I am happy to see that the economy has bounced back - even if it makes my after-concert pints in Manchester more expensive.
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    In or Out?

    I don't know which vote you are refering to, but the majority of the danish MEP's come from the Danish Peoples Party who are very eurosceptic, and who has saluted the result of the British referendum, and they are calling for a Danish referendum. As for the desire to "get rid of you quickly" I...
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    In or Out?

    As a non-UK resident, this referendum has been extremely interesting to watch. Being a eurosceptic myself, I can empathise with those that voted leave - although I wouldn't have voted that myself. To me the benefits of being in the EU far outweighs the negatives. I know that many danes are sad...
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    Repertoire suggestions please...

    The closest I can get is Foxtrot between friends for cornet and euphonium. I would think that the euph-part could be played in octave by an Eb bass or an octave down by a BBb bass.
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    German Championships 2016

    It seems strange to have national championships one week after the Europeans. Is 3BA not competing here?
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    Cory, Cory

    Not quite - If I remember correctly Black Dyke scored 198 in 1990. But Cory did indeed produce 2 incredible performances in Lille this weekend.
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    RNCM Festival of Brass 2016

    In my opinion they chose the wrong half of each concert to broadcast, although I really liked both halves of the Cory concert. I would have preferred to hear the cornet concerto by Phillip Harper again. Tom Hutchinson was absolutely brillant! Grimethorpes first half was incredibly loud - not...