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    First Female Players

    In 1970, sisters Grace Barnet (solo euph) and Betty Rowe (solo horn) played for Lees and Glodwick band and Susan ? (now Landon) was on trombone as I recollect. Female soloists were quite rare then, but there was also Anne Dorman who was principal cornet for the British Aerospace Chadderton band...
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    Slag off Napoleon

    Thank you for understanding what I posted. I thought I had written in some obscure language!!!!
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    Slag off Napoleon

    But that still doesn't explain the fact that some bars DO mark the accidental on both lines.
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    Slag off Napoleon

    I had issues with the split euph parts where an accidental was indicated on the upper line but not the lower but a few bars lower was indicated on both lines not clear, was it just poor proof reading and printing?
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    How do you like your regional test piece?

    PS, too much Arban may be injurious to your health!!!!!!!
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    How do you like your regional test piece?

    Napoleon annoyed me with accidentals written on the split euphonium parts for the top or bottom line and not annotated for the other line in some bars then written on both in other bars. Took some studying to work it out. I appreciate it's late to rant rang but perhaps in future a publisher...
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    Sold/Expired Bert Sullivan mouthpiece

    I mentioned on a forum that I have a Bert Sullivan small bore mouthpiece with a conversion attachment to fit into a larger bore euphonium. Anyone know of its worth or even usefulness as I have had offers to buy it but don't know it's value. I last played euphonium on it in the mid 70s. ItsI...
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    Fresh Blood for Old Bands

    I have posted on this subject before but I agree with para 3 entirely. At least 50% (roughly) of young players I have mentored or taught still play, some at championship level, and this was from a learner band, "oldies" get much included!
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    Just getting started...

    McQueens in Manchester seem to be able to perform some miracles. Try contacting them about a lh conversion
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    Brass Band Family Trees

    I have a copy of the Centenary photo in 1973 and I do have a tape containing some of the band history narrated by a man who conducted in the 50/60s. I played for L any G from 1970 to 1983 and later for Oldham brass 97
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    Is your mouthpiece oversized?

    I have used a DW 4AL and an SM 4 for 30 years plus but sometimes wish I could not my top range comfortably with my 3AL as I think I could put more weft into bottom and pedal notes
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    Which Trombone should I get?

    I have a Coppergate Bb/F tenor trombone which cost me about £150 a few years ago. Got it from Gear4 music in York, England so the cost of getting it to USA may be prohibitive. However it serves me very well as it is my alternate instrument to euphonium. It does take a standard DW AL mouthpiece.