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    Castletown Band, Isle of Man, Cornets, Baritone and Bass

    We are a non contesting, community band (Although the odd entertainment contest, trip to whit friday etc are on the cards.) Please see the attached poster for further details.
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    Euphonium Available - North Wales

    Cheers for the replies everyone! I'll be moving over at the end of the month so I'll make some enquiries round then.
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    Euphonium Available - North Wales

    I'm moving to Bangor in September to study at Bangor Uni. I'd like to find a band to play with while I'm there! I have a car so can travel a reasonable distance but the closer the better. Ideally looking for something in Championship or 1st Section, would consider lower sections though for...
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    Band subs

    In my opinion there are two ends of the scale: There is no reason you can't make enough money as a band to scrap players having to play subs. But that requires a healthy amount of time being spent on playing concerts, developing a strong base of supporters and exploring other avenues for...
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    Bass Players - National Finalists in Sheffield need Whit Marches help

    I may be able to help on Eb, however I'm based on the Isle of Man so logistics could be a problem. If interested send me a PM
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    Whit Friday results?

    I would expect you to share your valuable experience in organising a contest and help other whit friday venues when they need help, for the good of the tradition. I would expect a petulant teenager to spit the dummy and threaten to leave an internet forum.
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    Whit Friday results?

    Isn't the site administered by Tameside authority? If so no one would have been working today with Bank Holiday. Would reckon they will go up tomorrow
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    Whit Friday results?

    Well said Fatcontroler. Always best to react with positive action rather than ****** minded, negative remarks which do nothing to help anyone
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    Whit Friday 2013

    I brought ''Manannan Brass'' over from the Isle of Man. We had a fantastic trip, started with wake up at 5am. 7.30am boat to Liverpool. Coach to Manchester. Made up of about 50% Castletown Metropolitan Silver Band with members of Rushen, Douglas and Ramsey bands, plus a few from Hesketh...
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    The importance of contests?

    I'll summarise my opinions:- A) Far too many bands are too fixated on contesting. Playing standards may be high because of it but because they concentrate on competing they forget how to put on a good concert. How many people play in a band who get good results on the contest stage but whenever...
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    Adjudication and Quality Control

    For banding to ''take a huge leap forward'' we need to stop obsessing about contests and rankings and start worrying about playing good music to decent audiences
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    Recruiting New Players

    The poster above speaks a lot of sense The Website is not very good. The theme is pretty rancid (Lime green and grey?!?! yuck!), there are spelling mistakes all over the place, generally it just needs an overhaul (for instance with the blog, it makes more sense to have the most recent post at...
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    Registration and Adjudication - The two big issues of the movement.

    Bands struggle enough as it is when it comes to contests, so I would be all for scrapping the current registration system. However, making it a free for all wouldn't work either so there needs to be some kind of system in place As for the adjudication I agree that something needs to be done...
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    Mouthpiece Advice Please

    Hi again! The stamina and range issues will be mainly because of your 12 year break, plenty of practice and good warm up routine will help with that. Also strengthening your lower range will help with your higher range, Steven Mead taught me that and it seems to have worked As for...
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    Whit Friday Vacancies

    Alright mate, You may wanna post that here: as it's a section especially for Deputy requirements. There is also a section just above it called Deputy database, check it regularly as people often post offering their services! Good luck Ian