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    Extreme Make-over/ Johan de Meij

    Yeah, its an amazing piece. I had the privilege of playing it at the Euro's with Whitburn, and it was great to work on. Its very clever in the way it quotes Tchaik, and the use of the Gamelan effect bottles. Something very very different - maybe a potential selection for a bold panel at...
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    Setting Music to Fireworks

    Thanks Everyone, I knew I'd get some decent advice on here! I'm going to get in touch with the organisers and see how much detail they've looked into-particularly the licencing etc! Cheers Richard
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    Setting Music to Fireworks

    Hi Everyone, I'm organising a gig just now for my old band and I was wandering if you have any advice. The gig is part of a festival and and the people involved are looking for a big finale extravaganza with "Brass Bands and Fireworks". The jist of this thread is just to see if anyone has...
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    24th NCBBA (Northern Counties) Entertainment Contest - Results

    Congratulations to all at Granite City, another good outing in 2005. Hopefully we'll be there with you guys at the Northern Contest next year! I notice it'll be the 25th year as well, should be a good'un! All the best for the rest of the contesting year! Tricky Kidd
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    British Open Solo Championships

    Thanks for the replies guys, I got my letter yesterday morning. Looking forward to seeing you there. Richard Kidd
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    British Open Solo Championships

    Hi guys, Just wondering if any of you guys knew when those people who entered would be informed if they are in or out! If Im in, I'd like to know for booking hotels, as its a long trip from Aberdeen! Fingers Crossed anyway! Cheers Tricky Dicky
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    Hi Everyone, I have to say I think the cd is superb, every minute is class. I was interested to see how the NYBBS(all 75 odd of us!!) came across, but it sounds great, and Katrina is fantastic. Cant wait for the DVD, Should be great! Tricky Dicky
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    Sold/Expired Euph practice mute wanted.

    Hi there, Just thought Id drop you a line and say I know of someone who may wish to sell you their Euph practise mute as they have just moved onto Bass! He offered it to me but I dont have a great need for one at the moment! He's called Graham Fraser, he plays with Whitburn band in Scotland...
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    Radio 2 Young Brass Soloist 2005

    I will once again be entering although I expect the compeitition will be much stronger due to publicity the final, and Katrina at the Europeans recieved. People may not feel its on a par with the Young Musician competition, however, it gives people like me the chance to play with bands like...
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    Whos all going to Easter NYBBS then?

    Arite Mate The Aberdeen Gang will be down as per usual. I think theres 12 of us in total, which lets face it, aint bad! Any news on the Alba piece yet? Or what Katrina's playing? Hope your fingers are well greased for the Cornet Feature!! Cya down there, Tricky Dicky
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    Which 'not yet played' solo would you like to play?

    Id really like to give any of the Wilby cadenzas a go, Revelation, ...Dove Descending, Masquerade. Im on the lookout at the mo for the Cosma Euph Concerto and Cafe 1930 to play, got recordings of Mr Mead doing them and they are very impressive pieces. Tricky Dicky
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    Sold/Expired Black Rain(Svart Regn) - Cd Recording?

    Hi All, Im thinking of entering the European soloist contest and looking at the list of pieces there is one I know nothing about, Aagard Neilson's Black Rain. Im wondering if anyone knows if there is a cd recording of this, I have looked, but to no avail! Also are there any treble clef parts...
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    Conscription: aka Youth in Bands

    We at Bon Accord A Band have 12 under 25's and 10 under 21's, most of whom have played at some point in the Bon Accord B Band. We're quite lucky in the fact that both Aberdeen bands have a training band giving players of all abilities a chance to develop. There is no doubting that we owe an...
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    Slow Movements

    I think you struggle to not include at least one Wilby piece in your list of favourite slow movements. From Revelation to ...Dove Descending, his arrangement of The Day Thou Gavest(not strictly a slow movement) to the slow middle section of his solo piece, Flight. Although not everyone remembers...
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    2004 Scottish Open & Scottish Youth Championships

    It was a great day last year. The Youth contest was well attended and although I didn't get to hear any performances from the Open, I heard it was a good contest too. I really enjoyed playing in the Concert Hall at night and will definetly be taking a seat for the Ms Marzella Show!! Well done to...