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    good hotels in harrogate

    Apparently, some company has bought most of the hotels out for that weekend and upped the prices for buying them off them. But we stopped in the moathouse two years ago which is joined onto the confrence centre, was a decent hotel.
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    Guaranteed to give you Tourette's Syndrome...

    did it first time without realising what i had to do but can't do it again :S
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    Brass At The Guild

    we are there for the first time playing ************ (self modded)
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    Let the Gifts begin (tMP Secret Santa)

    ooo thanx dinie, i can put my coke (other pops available) cans in there now :-P Here is my for HBB, may you live happily ever after together its a mail order bunny wife:
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    False Teeth

    Your Gums do start to shrink when you loose the teeth there posibly you could get them re-made?
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    You Can Tell When Christmas Has Arrived........

    Also .......... When the Coca Cola "holidays Are coming" advert comes on tv
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    tMP Christmas Gift Exchange

    Anbd why not, i'm in
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    Good luck Flugelgal

    Good luck you two, not That you Need it at all!
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    Anagram Genius

    Warm jailed, tawdrier damsel thats for my full name, mabey i should be in bad girls
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    just what i was thinking kazoo a small musical instrument consisting of a plastic or metal tube with a small piece of paper inside which shakes when the player hums (= sings with closed mouth) into it, making a high sound Oh Dear :-(
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    word association

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    For all you muppets!

    Miss Piggy, :S
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    Band Aid 20 - Opinions?

    2nd time of hearing , like it alot more, still don't know what there doing at the end off it, wierd guitar things :S paul mcartney i think :S
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    Tickets for "The Thrills" in Glasgow

    ah! shame its up in glasgow!