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    Sold/Expired Bach CR310 Cornet for sale Lac (GC) - Offers?

    It's only been used about 3 times ... am a pro trumpeter who owns it 'just in case' ... Frank Renton never phoned :( Am open to any reasonable offers over £140 (I pay post)... Lacquer is near perfect (small fading inside of bell from stand) Plays fine... Valves good... Solid case... 4B wick...
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    How Good Does A Trumpet Have To Be?

    The Trumpet (or any other instrument) needs to be as good as the music you are asking it to perform... I've played $25 Chinese trumpets that were easily good enough (tone / intonation etc) for all playing until it got to the most further reaches of register (G above High C) I've encountered...
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    Um-Chucks - and getting simple stuff RIGHT

    Um chugs ... yep...tedious... mechanically accurate / musical feel... yep...have fun...don't sweat...
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    Um-Chucks - and getting simple stuff RIGHT

    “The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.” ― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
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    Sold/Expired Embouchure Enhancement Books

    There's a sale on . . . rgds Rod - Embouchure Enhancement Books
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    Comeback low confidence

    I thought this might be helpful for some.... The Relationship between The Brain and Self-Confidence Our subconscious minds absorb messages and conclusions at a very young age. The subconscious mind is not set up to rationalize what it records. It simply takes in the information gathered from...
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    Does anyone make an inexpensive Large Bore Cornet?

    Hi, Its likely, just your chops have stiffened up from not playing cornet much these days [spending more time conducting and arranging]. The aperture closes off some and 'blocks' the air. Less long tones / more lip flexis slurs when warming up should do it...until your normal chop feel...
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    Anyone got any Big Band sheet music they'd like to part with?

    And need to find some cheap, or better yet, free, music. Anyone got any they'd like to part with? ============================ Yep... email me buddy... I'll send you some freebies... regards Roddy o-iii<O "E M...
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    Embouchure Enhancement

    10 min YOUTUBE demo and my NEW Book 6 . . Hello all . . . I hope you are well 2 things . . . 1. I've done a new 10 minute demo video on YOUTUBE: and . . . 2. I've also written a new book: [techniques are also good for cornet and...
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    Sold/Expired Bach CR310 Bb Cor - SALE - £99 (new £399)

    used ..Bach CR310 Bb Cor - SALE - £99 - (new £399) some laquer wear around one of the main tuning slide legs / NO DENTS buyer pays shipping. more info... Bore: .459" Bell Diameter: 4 3/4" Bell: Two-piece, Shepherd's crook (short model), hand-hammered yellow...
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    Sold/Expired Taylor Chicago Lite II (Bb Trumpet) [for sale]

    Hiya.. consider buying a Bb TAYLOR CHICAGO II Lite ?? [vgc - silver with gold highlights] new = £2200 ..... my used vgc model = £850 ono [money needed for other projects] regards... Roddy []
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    Playing loud - help!

    You Got It ! : )
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    Playing loud - help!

    try to make sure your mouth isn't twitching or wobbling in any way as you play long notes, etc etc =================================== twitching or wobbling is the corner muscles struggling to hold the required lip shape...
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    Playing loud - help!

    Here are some of the symptoms of an inefficient LIP aperture / jaw -teeth opening [too open, or too closed].... TOO closed lip aperture problems: • choked off sound in all registers • thin weedy tone • high register "whistley" sounding • no power • poor attacks • plays high on the...