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    2010 US Open

    Dublin put on a fine show adn certainly took some risks with the entertainment and it paid off, Congrats Patrick, on winning "Most Entertaining."
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    2009 US Open Brass Band Championships

    I think Pat's copy and pasting got the better of him - in case those 8th place scores didn't make sense ordinally. The Scores for Madison should be: 309.5 (262+50-2.5pen) not that it makes any difference.
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    National Anthem and Council Bandstands

    different anthem but same topic... I don't think we've ever seen it as a requirement. We had an MD who made it a standard practice for EVERY concert (which was nice, but also had it's drawbacks.) Now, we approach it more relative to the nature of the gig.
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    Valve Oil

    I'll agree on caution re Blue Juice. I was using it, seemed to work fine, but horn was getting progressively sluggish. I had it in for cleaning and service and my repair guy suggested only using "clear" oils. Seemed to be of the opinion that whatever's in it that makes it blue, also makes...
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    Scale Query?

    I LOVE that answer!!! What happens if they ask for G Major, then turn around and ask for F# Major and you play them D? I think even an oboe player could tell the difference between a semi-tone and a Perfect 4th. But I still love the "give them what you've got" approach. As for actually...
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    What is the most English thing you can think of?

    ah yes, that's right I rule the world from hi atop my HUGE SUV, you're right, we all think that way. And I had no idea, the Union Flag wasn't the same either way around..... Luckily, not many of us have and occsion to hang the British flag. But if sh'es supposed to be showing "all things...
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    What is the most English thing you can think of?

    Not sure if you want some input from an American, but I read the responses and thought some response might be useful (and no, I'm not going to touch "Kyoto") BTW, where is it that you are coming to? We, kids included, are pretty familiar with Gingerbread men. I thin true fish and chips...
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    Bass Learning Curve

    A child returned from his first music lesson on the tuba. "How did it go?" asked his father. "Great," said the child. "I learned how to play a 'C'." The next week the child took another lesson and his father asked about the lesson. "Terrific," said the child. "I learned how to play a...
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    Mouldy Bread!!

    from what I've been able to tell from a breif search they are not the same,(but similar) molds. It's funny because one page says it's benign while the other raises alarms about handling it
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    Sure everybody wants the NY t-shirt, nobody wants one from Iowa...... Where in the US are you coming too? I understand the exchange rate is the most favorable it's been in decades, so that should help with your cash needs. If anyone what to keep us from letting her in, just put some...
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    Sold/Expired Another suspiciuos euph-seller at eBay

    but congrats on finding a horn....and I just read your reply post and yes, that does seem fishy, sorry, I just wasn't getting it at first.
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    Sold/Expired Another suspiciuos euph-seller at eBay

    I guess I don't see what's so suspicious.....the fact that the seller didn't get back to you same day? I mean things happen, perhaps he was unavoidably away from a computer for a day, it happens. This is a newbie seller, perhaps he has no idea anyone will try to contact him....
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    Wingates People

    Just wanted to post an early welcome to the folks with Wingates Band who are coming to the US for the US Open in November. I look forward to hearing you. Be sure to stop by the "fast becommng Infamous EIBB RV" for a beer after the contest. Drop me an PM or email, if there's anything I can...
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    Bringing brass bands to the masses

    We struggle with the same topic mightily. You in the UK, at least have the tradition, even if it's not treated so kindly sometime. We have no tradition and a real problem communicating just who we are. You say Brass Band here and you have to overcome notions of Wind Band, Drum Corps, New...
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    Banding and Families

    We currently have one husband/wife pair in the band and one father/son pair. The good part is that you don't end up with as many conflicts about schedule (e.g. if my wife wants me to do something on a given day and there's a band conflict, it can be an issue.) The down side is when you lose...