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    New Flugel signing at Black Dyke

    All the best Alex, cant believe the **** being spouted about changing bands. I do it frequently. You would think you were leaving Rangers to play for Celtic with all the bile being spouted. Get a life the lot of you as it's got nothing to do with any of you what she does to be honest.
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    Carnegie Contest - Who's Going

    I dont think the hall has anything to do with it John. The timing of the contest just a month after the Scottish and a month before Blackpool hits a few bands, and also the prize money doesnt make it attractive;)
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    Carnegie Contest - Who's Going

    Kingdom are going, great day out and a cracking hall to play in.
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    Alcohol Issues: what do people feel?

    I know a few guys who always have a wee nip before going on to calm their nerves. To my shame I was depping with a band who were drawn near the end of a 20 strong entertainment contest and my own band were drawn number 1. I was playing top cornet for both bands but ended up having half a dozen...
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    Would you move over for a better player?

    I'd move if they were better and also more commited but would get seriously miffed if they then never turned up. ps- I havnt a clue what Annie's post is about:D
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    Plastic mouthpieces!!

    Cut some slack, I'd say the way you replied to the lass was outrageous:mad:
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    Sold/Expired How much is Besson 600 Cornet BE622 worth?

    Disregard the mutes and mouthpieces as they are honestly irrelevant and ask for £400
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    Official tMP Scottish Regional 2007 thread

    That looks like a Co-op waistcoat Iain but you had longer hair then.:eek: Well done on your new appointment by the way, I'm sure you will be an asset to YBS:clap:
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    NCBBA Entertainments Contest - Forfar

    I agree - too many beers before posting:oops: - I may have read it the wrong way and I'm man enough to admit it:tup I do have a life though, that's why I was half-smashed when I posted:D
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    Changing Instrument due to ill health

    Sorry to hear that but tell the band you can only play Bass on contests etc and cant do marching jobs with it. I bet you will be offered another instrument on the marching jobs as bands are always short.
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    NCBBA Entertainments Contest - Forfar

    User CP at the top of the forum and on the left add signature - I'm glad its sorted too:D
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    NCBBA Entertainments Contest - Forfar

    I'm sorry but the comment was never aimed at yourself but the comment made about being robbed as which was quoted. Thanks for the spelling and well done on the result:)
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    First World War Music

    Great piece, why would it not be suitable? Played it in Germany on a tour this year and it went down a storm:) Under a double eagle but not sure of the year.
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    The Complete Conductor??

    Craig Anderson is shaping up to be one of the best out of the new ones in MHO with his easy going style at rehearsals and a fantastic ear for detail which would put some of the so-called big names to shame but Ray Farr is probably the top man for me, although Russell Grays record must take some...