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    Butlins 2020

    Who's going? (I'll be there) ...should we have a tMP get together on Friday or Saturday night to help people put names to faces?
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    Measurements of vibrato

    Josh... fascinating stuff!! I think some of the more interesting things that have also come up (based on these graphs), is 1) this is without amplitude (volume), correct? and 2) seeing where the vibrato comes within a phrase 1) some are very little hit vibrato and back off, 2) some are heavy vib...
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    French Open Deps available

    Our band were looking at competing at the French Open this year, but couldn't make the overseas travel happen for the entire group. Some of our players (cornets, baritone, bass, percussionists) will still be making the trip. If your band is looking for some filler players, please pm me.
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    Measurements of vibrato

    I guess my question would be, how can you best measure vibrato as both width (bending of pitch) and speed of vibrato are what seem to define vibrato. Pitch relates to wavelength, so somehow writing a programing script to look at wavelength in a recording is potentially doable (assuming...
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    Such a great cause and such a lovely family. Pit that Stem Cell research has so many hurdles in the States.
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    NABBA 2017

    I only watched Championship and First Section, and from what I saw/heard I think the the results were pretty fair. You look at the top section and Atlantic, FCBB and JMU were clearly the class of the competition. I love Extreme Makeover and about 10-years ago enjoyed the opportunity to talk to...
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    American Brass Bander!

    Welcome from one of your NABBA friends in Ohio!
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    Brass in Concert 2016

    Thanks for the tips...I'll have to sample the pies. Looking forward to hearing your band!
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    Brass in Concert 2016

    I'll be headed to Brass in Concert for the first time since Spennymoor any tips? Cheapest pints? Best Curry? Best place to catch up with other bandsmen?
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    Long serving conductors

    Jon Woods was assistant director of the OSUMB from 1974-1983, and then head director from that's a 37-year run in total (not as impressive as some of the others, but still a good tenure).
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    2017 Regional Test Piece Rumours

    Just to be clear, I wasn't having a go at the composer. I don't even know the piece, and like you said he wasn't on the panel, nor was he commissioned to do it. I just know our band somewhat reluctantly does test piece contests to help our reputation/visibility...and for our championships that...
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    2017 Regional Test Piece Rumours

    Maybe an easier 4th section test piece means instead of some bands starting practice on it Jan 1st, they can work on other, complimentary repertoire and not start until Feb 1st?
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    NABBA News (USA)

    It is Brass Band Northwest that hosts the festival (Northwest Brass Festival - Brass Band NW) Our distance in North America is always a challenge.
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    NABBA News (USA)

    There IS a Festival in Seattle (Bellevue), Washington every year...maybe some of the California bands can make it up there.
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    NABBA News (USA)

    I think 2nd Tenor and Doc Fox bring up some great points. DSB's primary mission is is to engage the audience, but we realize good contest results bring good PR...which often leads to more funding. We've not had the best success at NABBA because we only look at the music six weeks before and...