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    Cornet player moving to Worcester

    Hi You could try Stourport Band, based in the nearby town of the same name, which is about 20 mins drive from Worcester. Currently 1st section, I think they may have a cornet vacancy.
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    A Gallimaufry Suite - your first thoughts.

    My old band Phoenix (West Midlands) have their live recording from the Nationals on their latest cd, if you're interested.
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    Pontins 2006

    I'm guessing (as I wasn't there) that it was Staffordshire who had the little boy conducting, who is the son of 2 of the players, who regularly 'conducts' the band!
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    I have the same one!
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    If only people would be brave enough to get them re-done!
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    Quite possibly! Though I'm not going to name names! And yes Gareth, you also have valid points too. Often it is in the execution of the Classical style, more so than the arrangements. However, you also make a good point about the arrangements themselves. The problem though is that many bands...
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    I think you're right. Certainly as testpieces especially have gone ever increasingly technical in their challenges, the other facets of brass playing, such as melodic playing (indeed, with rubato!), is being lost. Maybe I've just not been impressed with the current Classical music arrangements...
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    Fair comment! Ok, in my opinion the brass band timbre isn't suited to the light textures found in Classical music. I also think that the pitch of brass band is generally too low for Classical music, as a lot of it is in a higher tessitura (partly due to the instruments used in ensembles at the...
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    It's my understanding that Les Preludes was done as the most accurate transcription of it for band, which differs somewhat from the older arrangement. I also believe that there is a copy of the Severn Suite that Elgar made in another key (up a tone if memory seves me), so it's not Bram Gay's...
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    Death of Sir Malcom Arnold

    Death of Malcolm Arnold Not a great surprise really, considering how ill he was, but sad nonetheless. I feel quite priviledged to have performed his Symphony Number 1 in his presence. Undoubtedly an under-appreciated genius.
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    Area Test Pieces

    Yes, there is a lot for solo horn (that slow tune in the first slow bit is tenor horn, not flugel). Plus it it'll be nice to test the back row again, especially with those bottom F's!
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    Can we Agree to Disagree?

    This is assuming you know what music I play of course.
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    Can we Agree to Disagree?

    This so-called 'home software' is used by professional composers and publishers alike. Just because someone is not a professional composers, doesn't mean they don't approach their composing and producing parts in a professional and meticulous manner. Very often, such home produced parts by...
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    Can we Agree to Disagree?

    My mistake! As so easily shown with Images of the Millenium this year.
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    Can we Agree to Disagree?

    I'm afraid I'm going to disagree with you there. I produce parts for pieces in the same way I do with the composing; with the utmost care and attention. And I'm not alone in this. With Sibelius, as has been said, you almost don't need to check the parts. It produces them as found on the...