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    Suggestions / Advice Needed.

    Mmh, sounds like some l;ess conventional street band stuff may be required here. Search for Piece Artists, a streetband located in Bradford. Maybe they are willing to help you with some music. I've got their webvsite address somewhere but can't find it at this minute but if I do find it I'll...
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    Alcohol Issues: what do people feel?

    As a general rule in Carlton Brass nobody has not even one pint before the contest performance and this has been like this for as long as I have been with the band. This was rather frustrating at the Nationals in Torquay (Did I spell that right?) when we had a latish draw with Cherchebi and...
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    Midland Regional - New Area Venue

    The Albert Hall is still there in Nottingham but would bring a lot of logistical problems with it in terms of parking. We gave a concert there in recent years and getting one band unloaded and parked up was difficult enough so let alone a couple of coaches and cars at the least. I never really...
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    There must be a better way to announce results

    I agree that they could improve on how the results are being announced and I'm sure that there were far too many people in the Reds potentially creating a Health & Safety issue. Surely they could do this in that big hall in the main pavillion instead? Overall though it is a good venue for this...
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    Spot the brass player.

    Bassplayers are easy to recognise! Usually first at the bar and last to leave! Wouter
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    What type of youth band did you play with?

    Back in Haarlem, Holland there used to be various youth bands available through which you could progress as you got older at the local Music school. That is how I got nailed to play Bflat Bass and from there I progressed into a higher standard windband. Only because my dad used to play in there...
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    BBb Bass solos

    Tuba Smarties is a nice bass solo but although a nice solo part it may be a bit easy for you? Wouter
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    Is it me or is there a mass shortage of BBb bass players?

    I first started to play on baritone when I was abuot 10. On the age of about 15 my then musical director of a windband in Holland (Late Simon Butter) encouraged me to play double B as he was in need of a bass player for the band. I tried it and took to it big time. Transport never used to be a...
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    Euphonium & Cornets

    I didn't know there was a band in Bullwell? Rceently been there as I bought a motorcycle off the TA Transport manager and housekeeper there. I think his name is Steve and lives on the site. Wouter
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    German Beer Band

    I would love to play in such a band. A number of years ago I used to play in a street band but since I have moved to the UK my sousaphone has gone a bit dusty. I've not come across any such type of bands in the Nottingham area but if anybody knows of any ni my area I would like to know. Wouter
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    Youngblood BrassBand - something a little bit different

    I have heard of the Youngblood Brassband. Got a track of them somewhere. Good band and fist in with my other favourite New Orleans style bands like Dirty Dozen and Rebirth Brassband. Went to see a Dutch Funk & Soul band a few years ago. They were called "De Broeders". Great sounds and they...
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    Is someone 'avin a laugh?!?!

    Having started Bass at an early age I never had trouble transporting it as I used to carry it round on my back on a vintage 50cc moped but I can imagine that many youngsters and parents are put of by the hassle of transporting it. Shame really as it is a brilliant instrument to play and more...
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    Hi there

    Hi Mark and welcome, Been to Campbell Town a few years ago and we definatley want to go back there again. We stayed at Macrihanish at a campsite there and enjoyed the food at the local pub there. What a breath taking scenery there! I must say that Campbell town is a very friendly town and if...
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    Themed Concerts (Song ideas anyone?)

    There is a beautifill piece called Moment for Morricone which incorporates music from The good, The Bad and The Ugly and also Once Upon A Time In The West. I played this many years ago in a windband but I am not sure if there would also be a brass band arrangement for this. Another option is...
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    Hayley Donze "A celebration of Life"

    As hard as it was for all of us it was a wonderful service. The hearts went into the music and could especially be felt with Young Amadeus. Wouter